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fashion blogger jessica wang wearing a gold dress with red lipstick and sharing 2021 beauty trends // Jessica Wang -

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There is a lot to look forward to in 2021. New fashion trends, tech trends and even beauty trends – which is something I am pumped for! In fact, I think it’s safe to say that the past year had a huge impact on the upcoming beauty market. As always, I like to stay ahead of the game so I have been keeping my eye on any emerging newness to share with you all. I promise there is a lot to get excited about and you will even see some familiar trends have made their way back to us. Here are the 2021 beauty trends and movements I am most excited for right now!

fashion blogger jessica wang natural makeup routine - 2021 beauty trends // Jessica Wang -

Lighter Coverage

Forgoing foundation and opting for lighter-weight BB creams, balms and concealers is going to be the move this year. This only makes sense because we have adapted the face mask into our everyday routine and can no longer be bothered with makeup transfer and stained face masks. This means a more natural face is going to be a must these upcoming months so look for concealers that are not too cakey. Here is a list of some of my go-to face products.

fashion blogger jessica sharing 2021 beauty trends - smokey eyes // Jessica Wang -

Smokey Eye

In terms of familiar faces, say hello again to the smokey eye! A smudgy, smoldering eyeshadow or liner look is going to be making waves again in the beauty industry. Again, I think bold eye looks are accredited to the face masks we continue to sport in public. The smokey eye is an easy way to make an edgy statement while only revealing the top half of the face. Dark eyeshadows, kohl eyeliner and mascara are going to be your best friends when going after this sultry look.

fashion blogger jessica sharing 2021 beauty trends - chunky highlights in hair // Jessica Wang -

Chunky Highlights

In 2020, money piece highlights were cropping up everywhere – even on celebrities like Kylie Jenner. The chunky highlight (at least 2 shades lighter than the rest of the hair), frames the face on either side. In 2021, it’s still here to stay but these chunky highlights are moving in across the entire head. This nostalgic 90’s look brightens up the facial features and offers a more unique, edgy hairstyle that looks cool on just about anyone!

fashion blogger jessica sharing 2021 beauty trends // Jessica Wang -

Antibacterial Hair Care

An interesting beauty trend I came across is antibacterial hair care. Obviously, 2020 has made us all weary of germs and bacteria so it’s really no surprise this treatment is being found in different aspects of the beauty market. The purpose is to cleanse the hair so germs do not cause dandruff and an irritable scalp. It’s also ideal for the present day because who here is victim of touching the hair a million times a day? This antibacterial care assists in ensuring that unwanted bacteria gets washed away.

fashion blogger jessica sharing 2021 beauty trends while using farmacy skincare // Jessica Wang -

fashion blogger jessica sharing 2021 beauty trends while using farmacy skincare // Jessica Wang -

Clean Beauty

This segment has already been trending but I thought it was worth bringing up again because it’ll be one of the biggest 2021 beauty trends. Consumers are demanding transparency and cleaner ingredients so we can rest easy knowing we are not using harsh chemicals for our body and for the environment. In terms of specifics, we will see more emphasis on botanicals, self-care, and overall more information on the life of the product from start to finish. If you have not given it a go yet, make 2021 the year you explore more clean beauty alternatives.

fashion blogger jessica wang wearing an orange blazer with orange eyeshadow // Jessica Wang -

80’s Eyeshadows

Speaking of throwbacks, I wanted to bring up yet another bold eyeshadow look you will start to see more and more. Colors like bright yellow and aquamarine eyeshadows will be worn all across the upper lid like you often saw in the 1980’s. This is going to be the fun beauty trend you can rock with just about any look. Or you could even go all out and create a monochromatic outfit to pair with your eyeshadow.

What are the 2021 beauty trends you’re most excited about?

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