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jessica wang beauty packing tips

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Got vacay plans coming up? Exciting! Prepping for the getaway involves major planning from cute outfit selections to book hoarding. But the vibe sours when you hit TSA’s carry-on rules. With stringent guidelines on makeup, skincare, nail polish, and hair products, it can be a pain to decide what stays and what goes. The government dictates a quart-sized bag for liquids, each item under 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters). And everything must now fit into this bag, with some airports strictly enforcing this rule. To navigate this, double-check product sizes and fit them into a TSA-approved bag before arrival. Efficiency is key in my beauty packing game, ensuring TSA friendliness without jeopardizing my beauty game. Refusing to compromise my multi-step skincare routine, even in transit, I’ve mastered how to pack beauty products in a carry-on. Read on for my top packing tips as a beauty product enthusiast.

jessica wang beauty packing tips

First, Streamline Your Routine

Streamlining your skincare routine is the key to effective packing. Opt for multi-purpose products to minimize the number of items you need to bring. Think an exfoliating cleanser vs a cleanser and exfoliant, a day to night moisturizer, and sheet masks vs traditional face masks. This is key to cutting down on the endless bottles and jars.

Strategic planning of your makeup essentials is crucial for on-the-go glamour. Opt for versatile products that serve more than one purpose. Multi-sticks, multi-use liners, and palettes can help you achieve a variety of looks with minimal space consumption. I also recommend planning your daily makeup looks to ensure you bring only what you need, avoiding unnecessary bulk in your beauty bag.

jessica wang how to pack your beauty products in a carry-on

jessica wang how to pack your beauty products in a carry-on


Upgrade Your Beauty Bag

We’re all aware of the clear bag drill, but let’s break away from the standard Ziploc routine. Instead, snag yourself a 1 qt.-sized clear makeup bag. It’s not just about being eco-friendly. These clear bags are way less fussy to work with when you’re playing the product-stuffing game. You’ll be surprised by how much more you can fit compared to the standard sandwich bag, and the best part? TSA has yet to give me grief.

jessica wang how to pack your beauty products in a carry-on

Transfer Products to Travel-Friendly Containers

Embrace the art of decanting to create a travel-friendly beauty kit. Think of it as downsizing your ride-or-die products into pint-sized containers. Not only does this comply with TSA’s rules, but it also lets you haul around your faves without the full-sized versions. Check out some of my trusty containers below!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a drawer chockfull of beauty samples waiting for their moment. Travel is that moment! Whether it’s sample shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, cleansers – whatever – these little wonders practically take up zero space. They’re perfect for those quick getaways when you’ll only need to wash your face a handful of times. It’s the ultimate beauty hack for a stylish and stress-free travel game.

jessica wang how to pack your beauty products in a carry-on

Maximize Your Crew

Whether you’re jet-setting with your girlfriends or your partner, let’s talk packing strategy. Now, we all know most guys embrace a minimalist approach to skincare and body care. Translation: they’re more than happy to share your beauty stash.

Here’s the game plan: coordinate with your travel crew, ladies, and tap into your significant other’s luggage real estate. No need for everyone to bring the entire beauty aisle. If your beau is on board with borrowing a bit of your magic – be it skincare essentials or a touch of hairspray – capitalize on that shared space.

If you’re traveling with the girls, designate roles and distribute the beauty load wisely. From flat irons to facial cleansers, not everyone needs their own. For instance, have one friend bring the flat iron, another the blow dryer, someone else the curling iron.

Remember, sharing is caring! Let me know how you pack your beauty products in a carry-on below!


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