Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days

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There is so much to say about Italy that I don’t know where to start. Italy stole my heart rather quickly and yes, it had almost everything to do with fashion, but it also had to do with the landscapes, quaint towns, archways, delectable food, and crystal blue skies. Italian days seemed to last forever. And did I ever bask in as much Italian fashion as humanly possible?

My time in Italy wasn’t long enough, but I enjoyed every second while I was there. What better place to show off my fashionista blends while soaking in some new trends. Italy is for those who love living in a serious way, but more importantly for those with a penchant for Italian style that’s been dying to be set free. Check out how much I’m loving life with my Italian Days Instagram Round Up. You’ll be planning your next vacation somewhere on Italian soil, I can almost guarantee it.

Good Green

Alice and Olivia Green Dress - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days //

Dress: Alice and Olivia | Shoes: (similar here) | Bag: J.W Anderson

Italy is known for many things like art, pizza, and gorgeous coastal regions, but I cannot help but be reminded of all the Roman-Greco goddesses that once played a pivotal role when I slipped on this gown. One part goddess, one part peasant girl –I really embraced the green of this dress that mimics antique domes, mint gelato, and basil. The muted floral print reminds me of medieval botany sketches.

Lace for Days

Self Portrait Lace Dress - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days //

Dress: Self-Portrait (white version) | Bag: Marni

There is so much to say about a dress that lets me get away with a vibrant yellow bucket bag, chunky earrings, and a pouty red lip. Here is a dress that screams Italy from all angles. With lace detailing to cut-outs, bows, and buttons, and ruffles to boot –this dress comes straight from an Italian designer’s dream. Real Italian fashion comes from a place of diversity. I felt both classic and modern, yet eccentric. It was the perfect dress for a perfect plate of authentic pasta.  



Dolce and Gabbana Dress - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days //

Dress: Dolce and Gabanna | Bag: Dolce and Gabanna | Shoes: (similar here) | Sunglasses: Kyme

In full bloom, I paraded down the streets of Florence in this stunning white dress from Dolce & Gabbana. Italy is hot in the summer, like really hot, but this summer white piece is smoking hot, so hot it kept me cool. The fabric is light and breezy just like the blossom print. It was a no-brainer to slip on a pair of strappy, chunky sandals and hit the town. Not only did I get to don a timeless Italian designer, but my Italian style really popped with this piece.


Givenchy Stars - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days //

Shirt: Givenchy | Pants: Stella McCartney | Shoes: (similar here) | Bag: Givenchy 

Italy is sophisticated most of the time, but there is also serious downtime, too. I took advantage of a carefree day, yet still took care of my fashion. With a pair of starry night jeans like these from Stella McCartney, I totally embraced the elegant casual look as any Italian would. Paired with a black t-shirt and a high bun, my look has just the right amount of European flair. My Italian style was just enough va-va-va-voom to keep me in the fashion game.

Florence Nights

Florence Nights - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days //

Dress: Rebecca Taylor | Shoes: YSL (on 50% off sale)

Nothing says classic like a refined black dress. I’m convinced, the little black dress must have been invented here. Or at least somewhere in Europe. When I got a good look at this dress, I knew that it had to be mine –real love at first sight. The double ruffles, the asymmetrical top, the tiny cut-out, and the length are dazzling. I went for wood-soled sandals to bring the dress down to earth a bit because I really felt angelic in this number.

Gelato Time

Gelato Look - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days //

Dress: Kittima (similar here) | Shoes: (similar here)

Eating gelato is an art itself. It can be tricky, but well-worth the effort. And you want to look and feel cool doing it which is another task. However, it was so easy when I found this light blue textured dress, I didn’t have to think twice. I’m really feeling cut-outs this season, so I figured why not another cut-out piece with an Italian fashion twist? The light blue is heavenly among all the Renaissance art and architecture. Oh, and the gelatos are out of this world, really celestial.

In Lucca

Summer Beige - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days //

Top: (similar here) | Wrap Skirt: (similar here) | Shoes: (similar here) | Bag: Chloe | Earrings: Kendra Scott

I went extra classic on my trip to Lucca. Not only was classic Italian beauty on my mind, but so was comfort. The cobblestone streets seem to meander for days and I didn’t want to miss a single one. That’s why a white slip-on was ideal to pair with a wrap around skirt and a blousy cami. I embodied an Italian style of 1950s movie stars, a style that still keeps on ticking.

All Beige

Nude Shades - Instagram Outfits Round Up: Italian Days //

Top: (similar here) | Pants: (similar here) | Shoes: (similar here) | Bag: (similar here)

It was purely coincidental that my outfit matched the exact shade of an Italian villa, but I’m glad it worked out that way because this photo had me speechless. Beige head to toe is beyond stunning and Italy is the perfect place to don the latest trends. After all, Italians are some of the best dressers in the world. I love high-waisted, wide-legged linen pants with a fitted cami –I feel both relaxed and graceful at the same time. This look was bold yet subtle, so very Italian fashion if I do say so myself.

Before you head to Italy, know that fashion and food must be your top priorities. Italians travel in style and grace. Ah, cin cin to these glorious Italian days!

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