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Jessica Wang wearing velvet top with lace jeans while sharing designer looks for less // Jessica Wang -

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Fresh off a bustling fashion month where I found myself immersed in the whirlwind of the latest fashion trends, I was lucky to witness some of the most remarkable designer collections up close and even had the opportunity to incorporate them into my own wardrobe. However, even the most fashion-forward individuals know that style isn’t confined to donning outfits exclusively crafted by high-end designers. It’s entirely achievable to recreate any of my looks at a fraction of the cost while still effectively conveying the same essence. Being engaged in the world of fashion has taught me that creativity and personal style play pivotal roles. Mixing and matching affordable pieces to get the same high-end fashion results not only showcases resourcefulness but also adds a unique touch to style that truly stands out. Without further ado, here are some of my recent looks that you can snag for much less.

Jessica Wang wearing cropped blazer with maxi skirt while sharing designer looks for less // Jessica Wang -

Tailored Maxi Skirt

The resurgence of maxi skirts in 2023 is something that needs to be studied. These long, floor-grazing bottoms arrived back on the scene with a burst of energy and quickly evolved into a wide variety of styles. In particular, the tailored maxi skirt is equal parts powerful and trendy, offering a fresh alternative to trousers and I found several chic options under $300. Complete your look with platform heels or swap for loafers for a more casual take.

Jessica Wang wearing sheer dress while sharing looks for less // Jessica Wang -

Dark Romance

Gothic-inspired dressing is back and it’s not just for Halloween either. All-black outfits adorned with lace will be picking up in popularity as we shift further into fall and winter. For a show-stopping look, simply recreate this monochromatic outfit I wore in Paris. Opt for a minimal cropped top with a dramatic black maxi skirt. If you have a special occasion coming up, consider tapping into your dark side by recreating this look.

Jessica Wang wearing blazer dress with pumps while sharing designer looks for less // Jessica Wang -

Quiet Luxury

Despite the name, quiet luxury doesn’t necessarily need a hefty price tag to be qualified. There are plenty of affordable outfit combinations that look and feel as expensive as the next. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to nail this aesthetic on a dime is by donning a blazer dress. This all-in-one outfit is endlessly classy and requires minimal styling. Just accent with a pair of minimal heels and you’re set.


Jessica Wang wearing monochromatic white outfit while sharing looks for less // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing white tailored shorts while sharing looks for less // Jessica Wang -


All White

One hack for creating a high-fashion outfit that never fails: dress in all white. No matter what, this classic neutral feels incredibly luxurious. Plus, this simple formula makes it easy for you to experiment and have fun. Play around with different combinations or copy and paste my monochromatic look. A longline white trench coat paired with a minimal tank top and tailored shorts might not be your first thought, but it makes for a killer outfit.

Jessica Wang wearing moto jacket while sharing designer looks for less // Jessica Wang -

Leather Effect

You don’t need to break the bank to find quality faux leather pieces, but they can certainly elevate an outfit. Personally, I often combine a timeless moto jacket and stylish boots with a more formal dress to infuse a bit of edge. This fusion of dressy and the casual nature of leather elements results in a playful, dynamic outfit. To prove my point, I rounded up some autumnal leather necessities for under $220 below.

Remember, fashion is about expressing yourself. With the right eye for style and a savvy approach, you can slay any look for less.

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