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Jessica Wang wearing valliant studio band lace top and skirt while sharing fall trends under 100 // Jessica Wang -

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With the recent renaissance of the quiet luxury aesthetic, it’s safe to say that wearability is trendy once again. This boils down to pieces that are minimal, yet striking enough to make a statement. While I consider myself a more adventurous dresser, nothing beats the effective practicality of items that can stand the test of time. That being said, it’s not to say that 2023 fall trends are a snooze. In fact, many of them are head-turning in their own unique way. From adding pops of tomato red into your ensemble to flaunting a floor-grazing skirt, these wearable fall trends are definitely looks you don’t want to sleep on. As we look to revamp our wardrobe for the cooler temperatures ahead, you can rest easy knowing that these trends don’t necessarily have to break the bank.

Jessica Wang wearing elevated basics while sharing fall trends under 100 // Jessica Wang -

Elevated Basics

Designers have given the people what they wanted: simplistic designs that can be seamlessly incorporated into the everyday wardrobe. These elevated basics are all about redefining what it means to dress up and there’s no better example than the glamification of simple white tank tops. What was once considered a simple layering device is now the star of the show, especially paired with other basics like a trench coat or a denim maxi skirt.

Jessica Wang wearing ashlyn new york suit set while sharing fall trends under 100 // Jessica Wang -

Power Dressing

It’s been years since tailored pieces have evolved past the office and into our everyday style. But this year, there’s even more emphasis on classic staples like blazers and trousers. The industry is calling it power dressing and it’s all about wearing a two-piece suit with confidence. It’s important to note that there’s an emphasis on more oversized silhouettes that really put the power in ‘power dressing’. Look for baggy blazers and loose pants to achieve this more nonchalant look.

Jessica Wang wearing red Alberta Ferretti suit set while sharing fall trends under 100 // Jessica Wang -

Red Alert

If there’s one color you should have on your radar for the fall, let it be red. This bright coloration is taking over the fashion world. If you are not one for wearing bright colors, don’t be alarmed. Rather than a head-to-toe red outfit, you can simply incorporate a few pops of red for a more approachable take on this color trend. For instance, try wearing a red sweater paired with your favorite jeans or rock a red handbag to accent a neutral outfit.

Jessica Wang wearing Giambattista Valli lace maxi skirt while sharing fall trends under 100 // Jessica Wang -

Lovely in Lace

There has also been a resurgence of romantic-inspired pieces, specifically when it comes to anything involving lace. From lace-adorned tops to lace trim skirts, these delicate pieces act as a nice way to balance out heavier cold weather staples. For your next fall date night, consider tapping into the infallible lace and leather combination with a dainty top and a rugged jacket.

Jessica Wang wearing grey top with matching maxi skirt while sharing fall trends under 100 // Jessica Wang -

Maxi Skirts

The last wearable fall trend I have my sights on is maxi skirts. In the summer, feather-light maxi skirts were omnipresent but as we shift gears for fall, they are being replaced with heavier fabrications and darker colorations. For casual days, you can’t go wrong with a denim maxi skirt. When it comes to more formal occasions, try opting for something with a bit of volume or texture like a pleated maxi skirt.

What fall trends have you been wearing lately?

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