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Jessica Wang wearing satin mini dress with a fendi bag while sharing style hacks // Jessica Wang -

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I‘ve been a content creator in the fashion industry for what feels like a lifetime, actually spanning the majority of my daughters’ lives. Growing up surrounded by clothing and trends, Hazel and Capri have impressively carved out their own space in this world. They’ve become successful models with campaigns for H&M, Nike, and more, and now boast their own personal stylist. It’s not just impressive to see my children blossom into their careers at such a young age but deeply inspirational. The younger generation’s playfulness and knack for the latest trends have even led them to teach me a few style hacks, which I’ve been happily adding to my repertoire. If you’re looking for fresh ways to revamp your own style, here are the latest style tips I learned directly from my trendy daughters.

Jessica Wang wearing metallic strappy sandals with a fendi peekaboo bag while sharing style hacks // Jessica Wang -

Mix Unexpected Elements

Embracing the unexpected has become a fashion philosophy inspired by Hazel and Capri. Instead of adhering to conventional norms, they’ve crafted a unique style blend that effortlessly merges diverse elements, creating eye-catching ensembles that even surprise me. From basic tees paired with tulle skirts and rugged boots to rocking prairie dresses with tall chunky boots, their style hacks break the basic rules. This mix of contrasting elements not only adds unexpected twists to their looks but also showcases a fearless attitude towards fashion.

Hazel and Capri wearing sleeveless dresses while sharing style hacks // Jessica Wang -

Incorporate Statement Accessories

They take great joy in selecting the perfect accessories for their daily ensembles. Unlike me, who struggles to find the right shoes to match my dress or a bag to coordinate with my top, my daughters aren’t as particular. Their style is characterized by bold accessories like chunky jewelry, statement bags, and unique eyewear, which have also been helping me reconnect with my inner child.

Jessica Wang wearing a cropped shirt with ruche slit skirt while sharing style hacks // Jessica Wang -

Oversized is Sometimes Better

Another style tip I’ve learned from Hazel and Capri is sizing up. If you follow us on Instagram, you know that the girls love raiding my closet to steal pieces for themselves. Usually one or two sizes too big, the pieces surprisingly add depth and interest to their small frames. They often layer baggy tops and baggy jeans or rock a long sleeve tee underneath an oversized vest, yielding a unique and fashionable look.

Jessica Wang wearing an embellished shirt with wide leg pants while sharing style hacks // Jessica Wang -


There’s no denying that gender-neutral fashion is becoming increasingly prevalent. Many of the modeling campaigns Hazel and Capri have participated in have featured more androgynous styles. So, don’t be afraid to explore beyond the women’s section. Take this as an opportunity to draw inspiration from menswear and broaden your wardrobe choices. A chunky sweater or an oversized button-up shirt can be perfect for layering over a skirt or pair of jeans.

Jessica Wang wearing a floral skirt while sharing style hacks // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing a one piece cut out bikini set // Jessica Wang -

Enter Color

Whether it’s a bold clash of hues or a harmonious blend of shades, infusing more color into your wardrobe adds a playful and dynamic dimension. Hazel and Capri often opt for clothing that is vibrant and fun. This translates well into athleisure, which they’re fans of! So if you’re one for comfort, you have no excuses. Anything from colorful joggers and cozy vibrant dresses are must-haves and who is to blame them? It’s hard to enjoy fashion when you’re constantly wearing the same bland colors.

Have you learned any style hacks from younger generations?

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