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Jessica Wang wearing the ski chic style trend in a perfect moment ski suit // Jessica Wang -

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Despite the bone-chilling temperatures, one of the highlights of the winter is undoubtedly the ski chic style it brings. The Après-ski movement is a quintessential part of the season and certainly something that makes cold-weather dressing fun for all. If you have a wintery mountain retreat planned in the next few weeks, embracing a themed wardrobe is a must. The post-ski attire has now gained equal importance to on-slope outfits, making it essential to meticulously plan every detail. If you’ve ever been enamored by the fashion showcased during celebrity Aspen getaways or influencer wintery vacations, I’ve detailed every essential element to help you master the ski chic style. From kitschy graphic sweatshirts to flattering snow suits, you’ll discover everything needed to elevate your winter wardrobe to new heights.

Hazel and Capri wearing wearing the ski chic style trend in perfect moment ski wear // Jessica Wang -

The Graphic Sweatshirt

Certainly, sweatshirts and sweaters are winter essentials no matter your location. Yet, it’s the addition of graphics and prints that truly complements the ski chic style. These cold-weather must-haves not only keep you warm on the slopes, but also ensure coziness by the fire afterward. Seek out playful graphic tops that effortlessly pair with both ski pants and jeans, adding a touch of style to your winter wardrobe.

Jessica Wang wearing the ski chic style trend in a statement puffer jacket // Jessica Wang -

Statement Outerwear

Engaging in skiing and snowboarding not only keeps you active during the winter but also provides the perfect canvas to transform your surroundings into a personal runway. The pristine, white mountains serve as a cool backdrop for showcasing your winter wardrobe. When aiming to stand out, there’s no better way than embracing statement outerwear. An insulated puffer jacket is more than just a necessity; it’s an opportunity for self-expression. Whether opting for an eye-catching colorway, a bold print, or a combination of both, these choices are a surefire way to effortlessly nail the ski chic style.

Jessica Wang wearing a puffer coat // Jessica Wang -

Accessorize Strategically

You’d be remiss not to calculate in the accessories to your ski ensembles. While they certainly are essential for staying warm, they also play a pivotal role in completing your winterized outfits. In my opinion, a sleek pair of ski goggles is the equivalent of a pair of designer sunglasses that provide a signature cool factor to every look. Meanwhile, other outfit accouterments, like beanies and gloves, effortlessly blend fashion and functionality for a flawless winter look.

Hazel and Capri wearing perfect moment jackets // Jessica Wang -

Ski Suits and Ski Pants

Despite popular belief, not all of these items are puffy and ill-fitting. There are plenty of ski suits and ski pants that are practical as they are flattering. Look for sleek designs and modern cuts that effortlessly transition from the slopes to après-ski gatherings. When it comes to ski suits, consider bold and eye-catching patterns or opt for classic monochromatic elegance, depending on your preference. Coveted ski brands like Perfect Moment have truly perfected the ultimate on-slope ski attire.

Jessica Wang ski chic style // Jessica Wang -

Stylish Snow Boots

Of course, no ski ensemble would be complete without the proper footwear. There’s no need to worry that a pair of clunky boots would subtract from your outfit. There are so many trend-approved styles that will add to your look, rather than take away from it. While high-quality materials and a durable sole are essential for navigating icy slopes, you can still opt for details such as faux fur lining or sleek leather accents to add a touch of sophistication.

Will you be embracing ski chic style this winter?

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