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If you have been keeping up with my beauty escapades, you know I’ve been on a mission to bring salon-quality treatments into my home. Let’s be real, we’re all getting older, and I’m more than happy to invest a little time to age gracefully. From DIY skincare to facial yoga routines, I am game for anything in the pursuit of beauty. As of late, my social media feed has been flooded with facial treatments and injectables, but I wanted to find something my entire body could benefit from. After some research, I stumbled upon infrared sauna blankets, and I truly believe it’s one of the best health investments I have made in a while. Now, instead of trekking to a treatment center, I can bask in infrared light whenever I please. It’s been a few months since I got my hands on a sauna blanket, and I’m finally ready to share the results.

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What is an infrared sauna blanket?

For the uninitiated, an infrared sauna blanket penetrates your skin for much deeper benefits compared to that of a regular sauna that just uses warm air. While there’s many different ones on the market now, most resemble a garment bag that you essentially zip yourself into. Although it looks silly, the results speak for themselves. Once inside, the infrared heat utilizes electromagnetic radiation to stimulate living tissue, aiding in detoxification, improving circulation, and enhancing overall well-being.

Jessica Wang infrared sauna blanket review // Jessica Wang -


One of the most noticeable benefits I’ve experienced from using an infrared sauna blanket regularly is improved recovery. My lifestyle keeps me constantly on-the-go, with frequent plane rides and back-to-back events. This often takes a toll on my body, leaving me with stiff joints and muscles in need of relief. The blanket has been a game-changer, soothing my aches and aiding in muscle recovery. Additionally, the heat can stimulate weight loss by prompting the body to burn extra calories. Being able to recover and potentially shed some pounds is a definite win-win in my book!

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Using a sauna blanket leads to profuse sweating, which facilitates a thorough full-body detox. The deep penetration of heat into the skin and tissues activates sweat glands more effectively than a traditional sauna. Sweating is incredibly beneficial for your health, as it helps flush out unwanted toxins, including heavy metals and chemicals, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Jessica Wang infrared sauna blanket review // Jessica Wang -

Improved Skin Texture

Similarly, to detoxification, using an infrared sauna blanket can lead to an improvement in skin texture. After several sessions under the blanket, I noticed a significant difference in my skin. While you are sweating out the toxins, time under the infrared sauna blanket also happens to increase blood flow which stimulates collagen production from head-to-toe. This is particularly important if you’re focusing on comprehensive anti-aging treatments for the full body.

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In addition to the myriad of benefits mentioned, one of the most remarkable discoveries I’ve made using the infrared sauna blanket is its ability to induce deep relaxation. It’s akin to being enveloped in a weighted blanket; once I slide underneath, my anxieties simply melt away. During my at-home treatments, I often enhance the experience by lighting a candle, playing calming music, and setting a timer (as I’m prone to dozing off). The blanket’s heat further aids in muscle relaxation and circulation, while also triggering the release of endorphins and reducing cortisol levels.

The infrared sauna blanket is definitely the mystical health tool that you didn’t know you needed but will certainly not regret buying.

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