The Essential Guide to Pulling Off Summer Stripes

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Blue Denim Skirt and Stripes Street Style - The Essential Guide to Pulling Off Summer Stripes //

Top: Capulet | Skirt: 7FAM | Shoes: Stella McCartney | Bag: (similar here) | Denim Choker: (similar here) | Belt: (similar here)

Summer stripes are an absolute must-have for the fashion obsessed. The best thing about stripes is that they’re pretty much always on trend because it’s such a classic pattern. There are so many ways to wear stripes and so many ways to improve your summer looks by incorporating them into your wardrobe. To help you get started on a summer full of street style worthy looks, I put together some advice on how to wear summer stripes.

Blue Stripes and Denim - The Essential Guide to Pulling Off Summer Stripes // NotJessFashion.comDenim Streetstyle - The Essential Guide to Pulling Off Summer Stripes // NotJessFashion.comBlue Stripe Top Denim Skirt - The Essential Guide to Pulling Off Summer Stripes //

First, you need to start with a great piece. For this look (which I dream about, it’s so good!) I started with a blue and white striped blouse. It’s a modern twist on a classic shirt. It’s oversized, which adds some drama that you all know I love in a look!

The oversized-ness (officially making this a word now) spices up the classic blouse—a basic button-up striped shirt with a collar and all the trimmings would be a little boring and has a buttoned-up work feel. This blouse can go either way: styled differently, it can work for your Monday to Friday style, but it also seamlessly works for a relaxed weekend look, exactly like this blue outfit.

The summer stripes make this monochromatic outfit so much fun. One of the key elements to this look is such a tiny detail: the white belt. The belt divides the otherwise monochromatic look and is a much-needed break from an overwhelming amount of blue. I also think that the accessory adds some interest and draws your eyes to the stripes. It really makes the stripes stand out, which you should always do when wearing them all summer.

Stripes and Denim - The Essential Guide to Pulling Off Summer Stripes // NotJessFashion.comSlit Denim Skirt - The Essential Guide to Pulling Off Summer Stripes //

One important thing to keep in mind when wearing stripes is keeping it classic. That doesn’t mean you can’t skip an edgy accessory or a skip other patterns altogether. You should just remember to keep your silhouette classic if you’re mixing some patterns. But if you’re not mixing patterns like I did, go all out with your accessories and silhouette. The slit in my denim skirt adds an element of sexiness and keeps my legs cool. The denim choker also adds some interest and pulls the look together, but that might not necessarily work if I had paired the shirt with a skirt in another color.

So I suggest mixing stripes with a bright floral pattern! I am always talking florals, aren’t I? I can’t help it. A striped blouse with thinner stripes (not thick ones like in the one I’m wearing), would pair beautifully with a bright floral that screams summer. It’s an unexpected combo, and while it’s a bold statement, it’s still a classic and preppy look.

There’s also horizontal stripes, which I love. They can be styled in a similar fashion, but they’re a little more beauty. When I think horizontal stripes, I think about being on a boat somewhere. Horizontal stripes are perfect for summer because of this, so you should definitely have some items in your rotation. I love a horizontal striped tee with a pair of relaxed flared trousers or for the hotter days, a pair of denim shorts.

Oh, and when wearing summer stripes? Don’t forget some reflective sunglasses. They’ll make you look so runway ready!


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