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There are color combinations out there that we know will always work like black + red, white + yellow, navy + pink… However, when you start to consider the full-color spectrum and remove neutrals, color combinations can start to get a little tricky. We’ve learned from street style that it is possible to wear multi-color outfits masterfully, but the thought of it feels fussy for the majority. Is it possible to look good all the time while doing so?

I’ve always been a fan of taking risks and mixing colors you wouldn’t often see worn together, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to share some tips on intermixing the unpredictable.

Pink + Yellow

Color Combinations You Didn't Think Could Work //

Pink and yellow is a combination reminiscent of baby showers, but it no longer has to be! There are plenty of ways you can modernize this match! Fashion is all about breaking rules – and I’m a big believer in this, so I opted for a pale yellow suit and hot pink shoes. The hot pink factor really took the baby shower vibes out of this look along with the masculine cut of the suit.

Pink + Fuschia

PFW Day 2 Street style in Paris //

Pink and fuschia can channel really a strong Valentine’s Day situation, but they’re two trending colors right now that is not to be ignored! The key to a stylish pairing is watching the hues and tints you combine… Think a softer pink with a deeper fuschia/plum shade. Or change up the texture… bold prints/patterns looks beautiful against something softer and silky.

Brown + Gray

Color Combinations You Didn't Think Could Work //

Mixing neutrals is almost never a negative, but there is a common misconception that you can’t wear brown and gray (or brown and black). This can hold true if you don’t pick your palette carefully. However, you also know by now that there are exceptions to every scenario. In this situation, warmer brown tones look perfect against blue-based grays.

Green + Yellow

Now, this is a color pairing that’s evocative of fall vibes, but it can in fact work! Your goal, in this case, is to focus on striking the right amount of contrast. Notice how my top leans warm and mellow and my pants are bold and rich green? It just works. And, neutral shoes are mandatory, so you don’t create too much competition among your pieces.

Yellow and pink is probably the combination that I was most pleasantly surprised about. Did any of these strike you as well?

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