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Jessica Wang wearing a faux fur jacket with mini skirt while sharing tips on buying pre-owned designer goods // Jessica Wang -

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If there’s one thing I have a passion for, it’s hunting down coveted designer goods – I’m talking everything from exclusive pieces to mainstream favorites that are sold out everywhere. With the holidays quickly approaching, pre-owned designer goodies are a way to treat your loved one to something incredibly chic, valuable, and sustainable. While the option to buy brand new is always there, there’s something about the thrill of the hunt when it comes to acquiring secondhand treasures. Pre-owned shopping opens the door to owning a unique item that tells a story, whether it’s a vintage Chanel or a limited-edition runway piece. You also can’t beat the feeling of scoring that dream designer piece at a fraction of the original price. It’s a feeling like no other. Fortunately, shopping pre-owned is now more accessible than ever. Nevertheless, with a plethora of choices at hand, distinguishing the good deals from the bad can be tricky. As a self-proclaimed connoisseur of designer fashion, I’m excited to share my tips for those who are new to shopping for pre-owned fashion gems.

Jessica Wang with Fendi peekaboo bag in beige while sharing tips on buying pre-owned designer goods // Jessica Wang -

Do Your Research

Chances are you have a running list of your most coveted designer goods that you’re waiting to jump on. Before you embark on your quest, I would recommend spending some time to lay the groundwork by doing some research. Having a basic understanding of the fabrication, quality, stitching, labels, and production year will ensure you are more than equipped to distinguish the real deal from dupes or fake listings. After all, the little details matter and the last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on the wrong thing. I also recommend picking bags that have proven to increase in value over time whether that’s a natural result of inflation or going for a brand that’s become more desirable and exclusive through the years.

In my experience, Hermes is obviously one of the best handbag investments you can make. The exclusivity of the brand makes it that much more desirable – but they hold their value like no other. Buying one Hermes is much better for you in the long run than buying 3 Prada bags. For brands at a lower price point than Hermes, Saint Laurent bags continually increase by a few hundred dollars a year. A Saint Laurent bag that may have been $1700 3-4 years ago is now well over $2000. Fendi is another brand that generally maintains their value well, especially iconic styles, such as the Peekaboo and the Baguette. Limited-edition releases, collaborations, and vintage Fendi pieces often command higher prices in the resale market.

Buy From a Trusted Source

If you are a pre-owned designer beginner, always be sure to buy from a trusted source. Doing so will take almost all the guesswork out. Secondhand online markets such as the Real Real, Fashionphile, What Goes Around Comes Around, FarFetch, FWRD and Vestaire employ some of the best authentication experts. However, more experienced shoppers could expand their search to websites such as eBay if they feel confident in their background knowledge of the designer item at hand.

A lesser known hack is hiring a “sourcer” or “personal shopper” who specializes in designer goods – or works for a major luxury retailer. These professionals possess an intimate knowledge of the fashion industry, a keen eye for trends, and an extensive network of contacts that can open doors to rare finds. By hiring a sourcer, you’re essentially gaining access to a curated selection of sought-after items that might otherwise remain hidden in the vast realm of fashion. Whether it’s tracking down limited-edition releases, vintage gems, or securing pieces from elusive collections, a personal shopper can navigate the intricacies of the market and save you precious time. There are plenty of them on Instagram – and some retailers even offer this specialized service

Jessica Wang wearing a faux fur jacket with mini skirt while sharing tips on buying pre-owned designer goods // Jessica Wang -

Get Creative with Your Searches

Regardless of the trusted source you choose to shop from, always try to get creative with the actual verbiage you enter into the search bar. Even if you know the exact name of the fashion piece you are looking for, sometimes it could be entered under more general key search terms. For instance, if you are on the hunt for the Hermès Kelly 32 Sellier Box in Bordeaux from 1986, the right search result might not come up. Instead, broaden your search to ‘Hermes Red Bag’ for a better chance of locating it.

Jessica Wang pre-owned designer goods // Jessica Wang -

Shop Out of Season

One of the joys of shopping for pre-owned designer goodies is the thrill of the hunt. That being said, one of the best things you can do is to shop out of season. For instance, if you are approaching winter and looking for a specific coat from Chanel, there’s a higher chance that other fashion lovers are looking for the same thing. Shopping out of season offers a greater opportunity for you to score the article of clothing or accessories that you have been coveting.

Jessica Wang wearing fendi outfit for fall // Jessica Wang -

Be Patient & Trust Your Instincts

Most importantly, if something doesn’t feel right about the deal or the seller, trust your instincts and consider looking elsewhere (i.e. any of the trusted sources mentioned above). Your peace of mind is essential when it comes to making such a large investment. Additionally, be patient when shopping secondhand. There’s a chance that the designer bag or coat you are looking for isn’t available. Turn on saved searches if possible and be patient! Eventually, the opportunity to snag the item of your dreams will come with enough patience.

As you navigate the world of pre-owned designer treasures, remember that style is timeless, and the story behind each piece is what truly makes it extraordinary. Happy hunting!

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