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Best essential oil diffusers for your home - python dress, western boots, fall 2018 trends //

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One of my favorite home trends this past year has definitely been the surge of essential oils. Coinciding with the movement to be more mindful and positive, essential oils have a variety of purposes and healing powers. Each scent has its own beneficial health-promoting component. For instance, the aroma of lavender oil emits calm and serenity, while peppermint oil helps you stay alert and focused. If you enjoy lighting candles throughout the home, I highly suggest giving this alternative a try! Here is a round up of some of the best essential oil diffusers available for your sanctuary.

Virtuvi White Porcelain Diffuser

A 7” tall minimal white pillar with a tiny spout at the top, the Virtuvi Essential Oil Diffuser is a must have. Technology aside, this sleek looking porcelain structure looks like it could be a trendy home decor piece. You could fit it onto a bedside table or shelf with ease. That being said, this oil diffuser does work wonders and the fine mist is spouts efficiently fills a large room with the smell of the oil.

SpaRoom Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusion

For the price, this essential oil diffuser is perfect for those aromatherapy beginners. It runs up to 3 hours long and is quite powerful dispersing the scent throughout the bedroom. Plus, it also incorporates color-changing lights to deepen the relaxation effects.

Serene House Cool Mist Cosmos Scentilizer Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Here’s a beautifully designed diffuser that’s great for providing your home with a nice scent that’s not overwhelming & soft glow. You get the option of a single color or a color changing mode. It’s also incredibly long lasting which is super impressive for the affordable price. Serene House is actually an amazing brand that I can’t recommend enough. You can find its line of diffusers for purchase at Nordstrom.

VicTsing Cool Mist Humidifier

This one is unique because it combines the technology of a humidifier and oil diffuser into one convenient device. It provides 4 different time setting modes and can run up to 8 hours with an automatic shut off option. Plus, a selection of mist options, as well as color-changing lights. This is the perfect diffuser if you really want to customize your essential oil experience.

Earth Luxe Ultrasonic Ceramic Wood Atomizer Diffuser

If you are looking to recreate the feel and look of a spa in the comfort of your own home, consider the Earth Luxe atomizer diffuser. It features a ceramic wood look that is aesthetically pleasing and will look great in any part of the home.

Smoko Unicorn Diffuser

There’s no better way to introduce aromatherapy to your children than with this unicorn diffuser. I love how the horn dispenses the mist – and it runs continuously for up to 8 hours at different time intervals. This cat one is also super cute from Urban Outfitters.

USB Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

To bring the benefits of aromatherapy where ever you go, this one is the perfect option. It is powered by USB, making it ideal for the car or for your desk at work. It also incorporates color-changing lights for added ambience.

These essential oil diffusers are a must if you are looking to bring more zen into your life. There are so many amazing oils out there for every type of situation: anxiety, sleep deprivation, tiredness, etc. A diffuser makes for a great addition to your home or work space and it also is a thoughtful gift for this holiday season!

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