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Jessica Wang wearing a red crochet dress while sharing tips to achieve your new year's resolutions // Jessica Wang -

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Believe it or not, the time has come to set your new year’s resolutions once again. While I used to consider it cliché, I have since turned around. The start of a new year is more than symbolic; it’s a way to reset your mindset and work on personal growth. If you haven’t taken your previous new year’s resolutions seriously, I encourage you to approach 2024 with a different mindset. When looked at with a realistic frame of mind, these resolutions serve as a healthy way of setting intentions for the new year and beyond.

Making positive changes or adopting healthier habits is undeniably a good idea. However, it all boils down to being earnest about your intentions and committing to keeping these promises to yourself. As we bid farewell to 2023 and embrace the new year with open arms, here are a few golden rules to help you set and achieve your New Year’s resolutions.

Jessica Wang wearing a red fringe dress while sharing tips to achieve your new year's resolutions // Jessica Wang -

jessica wang wearing a red outfit for the holidays //

Jessica Wang wearing a red dress while sharing tips to achieve your new year's resolutions // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing casadei jolly sandals while sharing tips to achieve your new year's resolutions // Jessica Wang -

Go Big & Be Specific

First things first, set your resolutions with precision – make them crystal clear, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It’s not some overused buzzword; think of it as the magic to transform those hazy dreams into real life wins.

Now, when it comes to setting goals, you’ve got to think big – not mediocre. It’s tempting to tailor your aspirations to fit snugly into your current routine. But resist that urge. Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your lifestyle; upgrade your lifestyle to meet your dreams head-on. Learn to embrace the discomfort of aiming high, because even if you don’t bullseye your target, you’ll end up in a constellation of awesomeness. Your future self will thank you for refusing to settle. So, aim high, shoot higher, and let the universe do its thing.

Write it Down

Don’t let your New Year’s resolution go in vain. Instead of relying on memory, it’s beneficial to write down your goals and read them often. Even better, display them somewhere you’ll see them every single day. Whether it’s placing a sticky note on your mirror or pasting your goal to the fridge, taking this step ensures you have a daily reminder of your 2024 resolution.

Jessica Wang wearing a red dress with fringe // Jessica Wang -

Buddy Up

Swap out your usual accountability partner for a buddy with the same goals. Then, turn it into a friendly competition – loser buys the winner a guilt-free pizza. On a serious note, let’s talk squad goals. Ever heard “you are the average of the five people you hang out with most”? It’s more than a cliche quote. It’s truth. Want wealth? Don’t chill with broke mindset buddies. Dream of fitness? Gym-shy pals won’t cut it. Your circle shapes your success. Surround yourself with dream builders, not dream busters. Your crew is either your wind or your anchor. So, choose wisely. Your resolution journey is a team sport. Pick a winning team that lifts you up.

Tech Support

Your phone is more than just a gadget; it’s your secret weapon for crushing resolutions. Dive into the world of apps that do the heavy lifting for you. Notion turns your goals into organized tasks, while Trello serves as your virtual bulletin board for keeping everything in check.

Fitness fanatics, Nike Run is your personal running buddy, tracking your runs and celebrating your victories. HabitBull keeps your habits in check, and Mint ensures your budget aligns with your goals. Forest helps you stay focused when you need it most. There’s so much more. Your phone isn’t just a device – it’s a toolbox for a more organized and productive you.

Jessica Wang wearing a red dress for the holidays // Jessica Wang -

Tiny Habits = Big Changes

Break your big resolutions into bite-sized tasks. If your goal is to run a marathon, don’t start with 26.2 miles – begin with a jog around the block. These small wins aren’t just steps; they’re the building blocks of success. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and marathons aren’t run in a sprint. Take it one step at a time, appreciate the small victories, and soon you’ll be leading the way with a confident stride.

Hack Your Environment

The easiest way to change your life is to change your environment. So, sprinkle reminders of your goal everywhere. Stick post-its on your fridge, desk, and mirror – think of them as friendly nudges cheering you on. Set alarms on your phone to keep you on track. Change your phone wallpaper to something that symbolizes your goal – a constant visual boost. You can also create the perfect environment by the process of removal. Want to scroll less? Leave your phone in another room. Want to eat healthier? Don’t bring soda and processed snacks home. By intentional building this goal-friendly environment, you eliminate procrastination traps and temptation. Keep it simple, make it visual, and watch your surroundings become your biggest ally in this journey.

Ready to turn those resolutions from dreams to reality? Your journey starts now!

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