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Jessica Wang wearing amiri bra top and cargo pants while sharing tiktok success tips // Jessica Wang -

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I’ll be honest. When TikTok first emerged on the scene, I immediately dismissed it as silly. I thought there was no way this “dancing app” was going to benefit my fashion career. However, I couldn’t have been more mistaken. As TikTok continued to evolve, my perception underwent a complete transformation when I realized the significance of short-form videos. Setting aside my initial skepticism, I decided to give TikTok a genuine try.

Fast forward, and I’ve now accumulated nearly 5 million followers! After years of consistent posting and experiencing several viral videos, I can confidently say that I’ve uncovered the secret formula for success on TikTok. I only wish I had started posting earlier. If you’re feeling stuck and struggling to gain visibility, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, I’ll be sharing my key tips for growing and flourishing on TikTok (no silly dances required).

Jessica Wang wearing cargo pants on tiktok // Jessica Wang -

Stop Chasing Numbers

While this advice may appear contradictory to the theme of this post, this is the single most important piece of advice I can offer you. If your main concern revolves around follower count, it’s time to reassess your strategy. Endlessly pursuing numbers is a guaranteed method to stifle your creativity, potentially leading to burnout. Instead, focus your attention to the content itself. Invest time in refining your skills, enhancing your storytelling abilities, and acquiring new editing techniques. By shifting your focus from the numbers game to the quality of your content, you not only foster a more sustainable and fulfilling creative process but also increase the likelihood of organic growth.

Tell Your Story

Storytelling is essential to TikTok success. While Instagram is much more focused on aesthetics, TikTok values authenticity. Opening up and revealing your personality through storytelling is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Some of the most viral TikToks are simply just creators sitting down and sharing anecdotes from their lives.

If you’re unsure where to start, consider this simple storytelling timeline. Begin by grabbing attention with a hook or an enticing statement that draws viewers in. Dive into the details, building towards the climax of your narrative. Conclude by delivering the results or a follow-up, or guide viewers to a potential part two if the story requires continuation. Mastering the art of storytelling on TikTok not only captivates your audience but also increases your chances of visibility and growth.

And remember – keep it concise and tell your story in 30 secs or less if you can. Don’t forget to experiment with a variety of video formats, including duets and stitches.

Jessica Wang on tiktok // Jessica Wang -

Offer Value

Apart from creating intimate and personal TikTok videos, it’s crucial to consistently provide value to your audience. While entertainment and laughter undoubtedly are valuable, consider incorporating practical knowledge into your content. Share insights that viewers might find so helpful they want to save your video for future reference. One of my most viral videos, for instance, delves into utilizing the panoramic photo setting on the iPhone to enhance mobile photography skills. By offering useful information, you not only engage your audience but also establish yourself as a source of value-adding content which will attract more followers.

Jessica Wang wearing B-Low the Belt Marcel Chain Wrap // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang with Bulgari Serpentine top handle bag // Jessica Wang -

Follow Trends (But Make Them Your Own)

There are an endless amount of trends that crop up on a daily basis. If possible, aim to jump on a trend in its early stages to capitalize on its potential. Whether it’s a unique concept, a popular song, or a recurring transition circulating on the app, anything that gains traction is deemed trend-worthy. However, it’s essential to infuse your own personal touch into the trend. With numerous creators hopping on the same trend, finding a way to stand out gives you a better chance at success.

Keep Posting

No matter what, keep on posting. Some videos may not perform as well as anticipated, but don’t let that deter you. Consistency is the key to success. While there’s a plethora of advice from social media experts, coaches, and countless Google searches on how to “go viral on TikTok”, it’s important to remember that nothing is possible if you aren’t actively trying.

If there’s one thing I wish I could give my past self, it would be to stop worrying about the potential outcomes. Rather than endlessly researching how to create engaging content, simply start creating. Instead of binging tutorials on building follower engagement, simply start replying to comments and fostering connections. Don’t overcomplicate things. Keep pushing forward, and with time, you’ll find social media success.

Next, I will be sharing the top apps and tools I use religiously for high-quality content creation!

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