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If any of you have kids in your life, then I’m sure shopping for Christmas gifts have been a whirlwind. With lists that seemingly never end, where do you even begin to shop? The good news is, most kids love opening presents and are easily pleased to get anything at all. The bad news is, they often have so many wants that they get bored super fast. So to relieve some of that stress and make sure you get something useful, I put together some holiday gift ideas for kids of all ages. Whether you’re giving the gift – or your child is – these are the gifts that will definitely please.

1 Snurk Bedding Set

I purchased this duvet cover set for Hazel recently and she is in love with it. The various themes are so on point for kids these days. I love how they’re playful enough for younger kids, but that they can also grow into them.

2 L.O.L. Surprises

It seems that any toddler girl between the ages 3-8 are asking for L.O.L. Surprises, so this would be a fail proof one to give. Plus, you can find them anywhere from Target to Amazon. It’s like opening a gift within a gift – the packaging is so cute so I can see why kids are all over these!

3 Poopsie Slime

DIY Slime Kits also seem to be the obsession of the year among children. Although I’m not for slime plastered around my house, I know that my kids would go crazy for them. They’ve already asked for them so many times this year.

4Fingerlings Hugs

This isn’t your ordinary stuffed animal. Fingerlings HUGS are interactive and will be a huge hit for any child under age 10. It does anything from giving cushy hugs to kisses and even goes as far as talking.

5 Wrapples

These little animals wrap around a child’s wrist so that they can go anywhere with them. The Wrapple’s eyes light up and they also talk back quite similar to the Fingerlings.

6 DIY Slime Kits

This is probably by far one of the best gifts you can possibly give to a 5 year-old. There are so many fun, glittery, bright colors that jump out at you, which I’m sure stimulates anyone’s creativity. I love that you can customize these again and again.

7 American Girl Doll

If you’re looking to give a higher quality toy with a long-standing history of tradition, then consider a classic American Girl Doll. The dolls are pricey but they’re well-made and the manufacturer will replace and fix broken parts.

8 Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch would probably make a better gift for kids older than 8, but if you’re available to help, then it’s also great for kids who are around ages 5-6. The portability yet functionality as a game console will be a favorite especially among boys!

9 Garmin vivofit jr.

I can see the Vivofit Jr being a great way to encourage kids to get things done. This one comes with a stop watch, a chore tracker, task timers, active tracking, step tracking, and a coin system for doing chores. It’s linked to a parent-controlled app, so I can see it being super helpful!

10 Board games

I am always a fan of gifting classic board games like Monopoly or Life because they’re such a wonderful way to bring a family together and get unplugged. Plus, kids – even teenagers – love them around the holidays.

For those of you who have kids in your life, what are some of the gifts you’re buying?

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