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I am so excited to be doing a post on self-care today because I truly think this is often missed. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you probably know about Dan’s accident in Barcelona. Since then I’ve been feeling an even greater urge to create a regular self-care regimen so that I can be the person my husband and children need right now. If you’re under a lot of stress – or simply feel that you need a breather, read on for my tips below.

Why self-care?

I think that most of us know we should be practicing self-care, but struggle to implement it into our daily lives. However, taking good care of yourself from the inside out will lead to greater satisfaction and healthier relationships.

It is not the same thing as being indulgent or selfish. Self-care is tending to your own personal hierarchy of needs in the most basic form like granting yourself extra pleasures throughout the day or spending time alone so that you can recharge and feel good. Being mindful of your emotions and finding activities that cater to them will boost your overall health and happiness. You don’t ever have to feel guilty for practicing self-care.

What is self-care?

Self-care involves actions or activities that revolve around your physical, emotional, relational, and even spiritual well-being. It can be a wide variety of things since everyone’s needs are so diverse. To discover what self-care is for you, you have to check in with yourself. The act of paying attention to your personal needs is the foundation for learning how to properly care for yourself.

How to Create a Ritual

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self-care regimen, leopard skirt, leopard print trend, animal print trend //

1. Figure out what makes you feel good

If you’ve got no clue where to start, keep a running list of the things that make you feel good. Your ritual can be anything that nourishes you whether it’s taking 5 minutes to journal about what you are grateful for in the morning, sitting

in silence to calm your mind, or simply stretching. Whatever it is that makes you feel best will be the start of your self-care activities.

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2. Carve out a part of your day that is dedicated to you

I usually like to kick off my self-care routine first thing in the morning with a soothing cup of coffee or tea to set my day up for success. However, it could also occur when you get home from work or right before you go to sleep.

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Remember that self-care or “treating yourself” doesn’t have to be expensive nor does it involve spa days and retail therapy. In fact, I find joy in beauty rituals. Washing my face intentionally and slowly with luxury products that smell nice can help to set the tone before bed.

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self-care regimen, olay body wash //

self-care regimen, olay bodywash //

3. Schedule self-care time

Everyone is always too busy for self-care. However, there’s that saying, “You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.” The trick is to schedule self-care time as you would a dinner date or a vacation. While a few minutes every morning is a great way to start, I also recommend allocating more time once or twice a week – perhaps 45 minutes. This is important for establishing a habit and a sense of calm in the midst of a hectic life.

By developing a self-care routine, you’ll learn to find joy internally, rather than always depending on external love and affirmation. And the results of this are boundless! What are some of the ways you guys practice self-care?

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