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Jessica Wang wearing a sequined mini dress with bow while sharing content creation tools apps // Jessica Wang -

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As someone who has been in the influencer game for the better half of a decade, I can confidently say that I have seen and done it all. From investing in cutting-edge tech gear to exploring virtually every conceivable app, I have tried almost every handy-dandy influencer hack you can think of. Admittedly, there have been numerous disappointments with a lot of time and money wasted. Yet, there have been a handful of gems, some lesser known than others, that have completely revolutionized the way I work.

These indispensable tools and apps are integral to my daily routine, enabling me to seamlessly produce the engaging social media content that graces your feeds. Recently, I shared insights into how I managed to grow my TikTok following to nearly 5 million. Now, I’m eager to reveal the top-rated tools and apps that have become an essential part of my routine as a content creator.

Jessica Wang wearing an Alexandre Vauthier mini dress with Iridescent platform sandals while sharing content creation tools apps // Jessica Wang -

Products & Tools

Tripod with Remote

This is the creator tool that has been with me the longest. While my instagram husband usually takes more professional photos for me, a tripod is an essential for more casual shots or for when I am traveling by myself. No more frantic attempts to balance my phone or camera on random surfaces; this tripod sets up in mere seconds. What takes this tool to the next level is the accompanied Bluetooth remote. This nifty addition allows me to effortlessly capture shots from a distance, sparing me the familiar struggle of relying on a 10-second timer and then dashing into position. If you haven’t already invested in a tripod, consider this your cue to get one now and watch it completely streamline your content creation process.


Introducing the Flipstik, a modern twist on the traditional tripod. This nifty gadget attaches seamlessly to the back of your phone, transforming it into a hands-free selfie and video tool. Thanks to its reusable adhesive, you can effortlessly stick it onto almost any surface – be it a mirror or a street sign. Perfect for the on-the-go creator, the Flipstik is ideal for those who prefer to travel light and aren’t always inclined to lug around a traditional tripod.


For the longest time, I dismissed the idea of investing in a stabilizer, thinking that holding my iPhone and shooting videos was sufficient. However, once I experienced the difference a stabilizer makes, I found myself questioning why I hadn’t made the purchase sooner. When it comes to capturing video, it elevates your footage, rendering it smooth and cinematic. This realization became particularly significant as I began incorporating more day-to-day clips into my TikTok content and eventually my YouTube vlogs. The stabilizer is the game-changing tool that makes your content look and feel more polished than ever before.

Jessica Wang wearing a mini dress with Giuseppe Zanotti Platform Sandals while sharing content creation tools apps // Jessica Wang -
Selfie Ring Light

Every creator knows that the best lighting is natural lighting, but sometimes shooting at the right time of day just isn’t possible. Thus, a selfie ring light will become your best friend as an influencer. While I do have full-sized ones at my house, I actually use the portable selfie ring light that clips on to the top of the phone the most.


If you engage in any form of talking head content, investing in a microphone is a no-brainer. While the iPhone’s audio quality is commendable, an external microphone takes your audio to the next level, providing a crisper sound. Nowadays, there are plenty of compact yet powerful microphones that easily clip onto your shirt. Most importantly, they seamlessly connect to your iPhone, allowing you to edit everything at your fingertips.


CapCut / InShot

If you are editing your videos in Instagram or TikTok, I highly recommend you try switching to an external app for a more versatile editing experience. The top favorites amongst creators are CapCut and InShot. Both are user-friendly and offer similar tools and options, making it a matter of personal preference to choose between them. These external apps offer a plethora of editing possibilities that go beyond what Instagram or TikTok alone can offer.


By now, Canva has become a household name, and if you haven’t explored it yet, do yourself a favor and download it! While the full suite of tools comes with a price tag, the free version offers a wealth of options. Access templates for visually appealing stories, play around with fun stickers and fonts, and explore various features that make graphic design and editing a breeze. Canva makes graphic design and editing easy and accessible for all, even if you have zero experience.

Jessica Wang wearing an Alexandre Vauthier sequined mini dress with bow while sharing content creation tools apps // Jessica Wang -

For stunning content, Temply is your new go-to. This app simplifies the process of creating aesthetic stories and videos, making it exceptionally user-friendly, especially for beginners. Just plug in your own content, and you’re good to go. While you have to pay to access the pro version with its full suite of templates, you can certainly dip your toes into the creative waters with the free version to get started.


The Later app is an all encompassing social media scheduling tool. It’s applicable for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can use this to plan your feed in advance so you can map out exactly how you want it to look visually. If you are busy and on-the-go, schedule your posts ahead of time so you don’t miss a beat. Plus, you can get access to a plethora of analytics to help you refine your content for the most optimal results.


We all know that editing photos within the Instagram app just doesn’t cut it. Enter Snapseed, the powerful photo editing app that is completely free to use! It features a ton of editing tools to enhance your images. Personally, I find the healing function particularly handy for seamlessly removing unwanted elements like lint off a sweater or debris on the ground. Plus, the ability to edit photos in batches is a real time-saver, making your editing process more efficient.

Are you already using these products, tools, and apps for content creation? If so, did I forget to mention any of your favorites?

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