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ON HAZEL // Burberry Top (Sold out, Similar) | Burberry Skirt (Sold out, Similar) | Gucci Sneakers | Burberry Backpack
ON CAPRI // Gucci Dress | Moschino Sneakers | Burberry Backpack | Flamingo Float (Sold out, Similar)

Just like their mom, my two girls absolutely love clothes and dressing up. Hazel and Capri have definitely developed their own sense of style and I really admire watching them as they pick out their own outfits. I think it is crucial to let your kids express themselves and an easy way to do so is to let them have more freedom in picking out their clothes. Finding really stylish children’s clothes is not an easy feat though! However, after a few years, I managed to discover some really adorable brands that Hazel and Capri both cannot get enough of. Here are some of our favorite places to shop for fashionable kids clothes.

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If you are looking for fashion and style, why wouldn’t you start with Paris? Melijoe is a French brand founded by Nathalie Genty. She struggled to find the right style of clothing for her own kids so she took it upon herself to start Melijoe which is a collection of the most stylish boutique and designer brands. They have everything from an MSGM poplin blouse to adorable Chloe sneakers. Quite honestly, if you browse the site, you will find yourself jealous that everything isn’t offered in adult sizes!

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Caroline Bosmans

If you are looking for haute couture but for children, Caroline Bosmans is where it is at. The brand geniously combines current fashion trends with the innocence and playfulness of the youth.

A lot of her clothing features a lot of texturization such as large pleats and ruffles. It is only offered in select stores, but you can shop the brand online at Shan and Toad.

Tommy Hilfiger

Beyond just my children, our whole family loves to shop at Tommy Hilfiger. It is the epitome of classic, american style clothing that is ideal for everyday wear.

My girls always fall in love with anything I get them from Tommy Hilfiger because they honestly have comfortability figured out. Whether it is a polo dress or a romper, they never complain – which is an automatic A+ in my book!

The Animals Observatory

Bright, cheery and fun is how I would describe The Animals Observatory. I absolutely love their quirky graphic prints like a tossed ice cream cone on a dress or an abstract geo repeated on a top. The Animals Observatory is a children’s clothing dream, which is why it continues to be one of our favorites to shop from!

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Wolf & Rita

This brand is neat because it is 100% Made in Portugal and all of the workers live within 20 miles from the workspace and their suppliers are all local too. This decreases energy consumption and reduces Wolf & Rita’s carbon footprint. The clothes themselves definitely have a sophisticated, European style but they are still youthful and comfortable so the kids can run around and play in them all day.

Where have you been shopping for fashionable kids clothes?

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