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Non-cheesy ways to match with your significant other - gucci mules, black puff sleeve top, green skirt, JW anderson necklace, hoop earrings // Jessica Wang -

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I remember I was browsing online and discovered something about Korean culture that I never knew. It is common for young couples to coordinate their outfits to commemorate their relationship. If you were to ever walk down the streets of Seoul, I bet you will see a slew of couples holding hands while wearing identical clothing! This is actually such a huge trend that many fashion companies in Korea will market matching outfits for the girl and the guy. Although, I thought it was absolutely adorable, I know my husband would never be down for wearing the exact same thing as me! Admittedly, I like to influence what he wears from time-to-time – especially if we are shooting a campaign or going to an event. I just think it looks really nice when you coordinate together but in an overtly way! If you are feeling a little lovey dovey, here are some non-cheesy outfit ideas so you can match with your significant other.

Non-cheesy ways to match with your significant other // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.comAll White

Honestly, one of the simplest ways to coordinate both outfits is to choose something monochrome. Rather than stressing about matching exact shades, stick to something neutral. An all white outfit always looks fresh in the summertime, making this a great option for you and your other half.

Him: Keep it relaxed with some summer linens. A lightweight, short-sleeved button up with linen pants makes you feel like you are on vacation! Complete the look with some slip ons and a straw fedora for ultimate relaxed vibes.

Her: The beauty of a good summer dress is that you do not have to overthink it. This gorgeous, textured white dress is beautiful all on its own. Just add a little bit more sparkle with some drop earrings.

Non-cheesy ways to match with your significant other // Jessica Wang -

Neutral & 1 Color

If you are not keen on both wearing the same color head-to-toe, you can opt for two different monochromatic outfits. For the easiest coordination, have one person be the neutral and the other person be the fashion color. Just ensure whichever colors you choose look good side-by-side!

Him: My husband’s closet is basically all neutral so he usually wears black, white, or browns (in the fall). Instead of linen in the summer, you can wear cotton or even swap the pants for some white colored denim.

Her: To coordinate, I love cheerful, bright colors like red or this yellow midi dress. Rather than a bold, mustard yellow gold, this lighter variation compliments the white really well.

Matching Hues

My husband and I would live for nights where we can secure a babysitter and head out to the city for date night. Although we do not leave the house as much these days, it is still nice to get dressed up, even if it is just for takeout at home! If you are feeling up for it, try picking a color to coordinate in both looks to match with your significant other. We went for this lighter blue!

Him: Throw on a button down shirt. Solids are easiest to mix-and-match but a little pattern (especially if it coordinates) is a great way to add some interest to the look. These light blue pants are perfect for this time of year. Again, you cannot go wrong with some clean slip-ons and a classy fedora!

Her: A maxi dress might seem a little extreme for a simple date night in but we all know dresses are secretly the comfiest to wear, especially in loose, flowy fabrics such as this. I love the color blocking of this blue dress and it just so happened to match the hues of my Marc Cross handbag.

NON-CHEESY WAYS TO MATCH WITH YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER - similar styles, BHLDN, kipp blazer, kipp pants, Alexander wang sandals, the black tux tuxedo suit // Jessica Wang -

Similar Styles

Aside from color, one way you can match with your significant other in a non-cheesy way is by rocking the same look. There are tons of unisex clothing and styles you both can play around with! In this particular look, we both opted for the suit to keep things classy and photo-ready.

Him: My husband loves items that have a vintage vibe to them which is why he opted for the ever suave bowtie. His dark navy jacket pops when paired with the black pants and shoes.

Her: On the other hand, I whipped out my best power suit. I decided to go for all black for a timeless, eye-catching style. In this case, I made sure the jacket and pants were tailored rather than oversized so it accentuated the femininity between my suit and my husband’s!

Have you ever worn coordinating outfits to match with your significant other? For more inspiration, check out my TikTok video here!

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