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Although we just made quick skincare swaps over fall, it’s time to get your winter beauty bag ready for another level of cold. Winter is officially around the corner – and something about the brisk temps and holiday spirit make me want to revamp my entire beauty routine. While I still encourage you to exfoliate and mask regularly – and even try out a few new oils or serums, I wanted to give you a makeup update. It’s not often that I talk about makeup here on the blog, but I’ve got an arsenal full of it and I’m ready to show you how to compile your winter beauty bag like a pro.

1. Switch up your foundation

With less daylight and more staying in, you’re bound to be a few shades lighter. Use this time to switch up your foundation whether it means going a few shades lighter or picking a different finish. If you tend to get drier, go for a dewy finish like Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk or Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. My holy grail foundation at the moment is YSL All Hours Foundation – it’s matte without looking flat. I love how moisturizing it is and how smooth it makes my skin look.

2. Pick a highlighting concealer

Everyone tends to look a little lackluster by the middle of winter. That’s where a brightening concealer comes in handy because it keeps you looking radiant and lively – even if you only snuck in a measly four hours of sleep. Try Burberry Sheer Luminous Concealer for an instant lift; it’s amazing for combatting obvious signs of fatigue. Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen is a great hydrating option with a unique applicator that stays cool and has the ability to de-puff under-eye bags.

3. Try a lip scrub

The last thing anyone needs is dry, flaky lips. Think of the cool temps as your cue to incorporate a lip scrub. That way, when you want to wear lipstick, those cracks are already at bay. To achieve maximum exfoliation, I recommend Glamglow’s POUTMUD. The fizzing action makes it so much fun to apply – but the results are just divine. I get smooth and soft lips after every use. Clinique’s Sweet Pots are also lovely, giving you a balm and exfoliator to get the most kissable lips for the holidays. If you want something super basic but still effective, try Tarte’s Maracuja Lip exfoliant.

4. Go richer on the lips

Scrubbing your lips is so important so you can get a smooth even base to wear color! It’s time to stash away your pretty pinks and peaches – and go for a bold, rich color. Liquid lipsticks have been the thing lately and I’m obsessed with Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet in an oxblood shade. It’s a matte cream texture that’s glides on smoothly and is so rich in pigmentation. What I love most is that the color doesn’t bleed or dry out your lips at all. I also love Giorgio Armani’s Rouge Ecstasy Lipsticks, which coat your lips in really beautiful, vibrant shades. It feels like a balm with the color payoff of a bold lipstick.

5. Sultry eyes

I’m no minimalist when it comes to eyeshadow. My favorite look will always include a good smokey eye, and the holidays really bring forth some of the best eyeshadow palettes. Rather than sticking to your nudes, why not try something sultry and sparkly? You can never go wrong with Nars eyeshadow palettes – this one here gives you a great range of olives, gold, and burgundy shades. This Bobbi Brown one will help you achieve dramatic eyes all season long with more wearable options.

6. Hydrate with a mist

And finally, I always recommend finishing off your look with a facial mist so you can get that lived in look. Makeup always looks better once it’s a bit settled in – a mist will help lock in moisture and achieve that effect. I have spoken highly of Tatcha’s before, but there are plenty of others you’ll love like the Smashbox Primer Water or Honest Beauty Elevated Hydration Mist.

What updates are you making to your winter beauty bag?

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