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Make the Holidays Less Hectic with Uber //

Make the Holidays Less Hectic with Uber //
Make the Holidays Less Hectic with Uber //

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I’ve learned that no matter how early I start shopping for Thanksgiving or no matter how prepared I think I am, something always comes up at the last minute. It just never fails me. This year, it was wine! In the final hours before dinner, I realized that I needed to pick up an extra bottle of wine so we’d have enough rounds for our entire family. And while we’re on the topic of drinking, we also always run into the issue of who’s playing DD around the holidays. After all, everyone wants their share of drinking, celebrating, and relaxing with family after almost an entire year’s worth of hard work and hustling.

Luckily, Uber always comes to the rescue to make the holidays less hectic.

I used Uber during Halloween, so I knew it was my most convenient and efficient solution again! This time, I made sure to take advantage of Uber’s new multiple stops feature, which lets you add up to two extra stops in your route. uberX was the obvious way to go because I also needed to get my husband along the way.

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Home for the holidays…

Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses and Leather Vest //

So, I ubered to the wine store to get that extra bottle of red, then stopped to pick my husband up from grabbing extra ingredients at the grocery store, and headed straight for our family’s Thanksgiving dinner using the multiple destinations feature. I really have to give it up to Uber for making the holidays less hectic.

I love the holiday season because it’s a time to reflect on all the things we have to be grateful for, but it’s also a crazy time because of all the functions, cooking, and shopping we do. Uber is always preferential for me in times like this because I can use the ride time to work on a shopping list and ponder over all the other things I may have “forgotten”. It also leaves the hectic holiday traffic and parking nuances to someone else – definitely not my strong suit.

Beige Cable Knit Sweater for Thanksgiving Dinner //
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Beige Cable Knit Sweater on Thanksgiving //

Anyway, hope you had a much seamless Thanksgiving day and hope your time was well-spent with family and friends! As you plan for the upcoming holidays, don’t forget to consider Uber for a hassle-free solution.

Thank you Uber for helping make the holidays less hectic and for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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