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Jessica Wang wearing a Carolina Herrera one shoulder gown while sharing pro makeup tips // Jessica Wang -

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Fortunately, the wealth of resources available today makes learning the art of proper makeup application more accessible than ever. From social media to insightful blogs and beyond, you have direct access to the expertise of top makeup artists, enabling you to refine your at-home skills with ease. That said, my journey as an influencer has exposed me to a plethora of invaluable tips and tricks that aren’t talked about on TikTok or Instagram. I have worked with an abundance of top-rated artists, and they provided game-changing advice. These insider industry secrets, frequently used on the red carpet, have been pivotal in refining my own makeup skills. If you are looking for ways to level up your skills so your makeup is in line with the pros, simply read ahead to discover my best-kept secrets.

Jessica Wang wearing a Carolina Herrera gown while sharing pro makeup tips // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang pro makeup tips // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang pro makeup tips //



1) Never mix a silicone base with a water base.

When it comes to achieving a flawless makeup application, it’s crucial to avoid mixing silicone and water-based products. Combining these formulations may result in separation, leading to undesirable issues such as cracking and pilling. To ensure a long-lasting and smooth finish, it’s best to keep these products separate.

If you’re uncertain about the base of your foundation, a quick look at the ingredients list can provide clarity. Silicone-based foundations often feature ingredients ending in -cone (e.g., dimethicone, methicone), indicating their silicone composition. On the other hand, water-based products are likely to showcase aqua or glycerin towards the top of the ingredient list.

2) Mix highlighter with foundation for a soft, all-over glow.

Not to be dramatic, but this makeup tip changed my life! By simply mixing a liquid highlighter into a few pumps of foundation, you are left with the most radiant, dewy complexion. This is great for days when you feel like your skin needs a little extra pick-me-up.

Jessica Wang wearing a pink one shoulder cut out dress while sharing pro makeup tips // Jessica Wang -

3) Use an eyeliner stamp for the perfect wing, every time.

I’ll be the first to admit that getting a perfectly symmetrical winged eyeliner on both sides is not an easy feat! When I discovered that eyeliner stamps existed, I was over the moon. Brands like Kaja and the Flick Stick have made nailing the sharpest cat eye easier than ever.

4) Use eyeshadow primer on crows feet and pores.

I have a new purpose for your favorite eyeshadow primer. Next time you apply your makeup, dab a little bit of this onto your crows feet and on any pores (usually on the sides of the nose) before applying foundation and concealer. This small step makes a huge difference in minimizing texture for a flawless, even application.

5) Wipe off your mascara and brow wax before every application.

This is a pro makeup artist favorite! Before applying your mascara or brow gel, be sure to wipe off any excess product on a clean tissue before applying. By doing so, you are ensuring you are not applying more product than necessary, thus avoiding clumping.

Jessica Wang wearing a cut out dress with green heels while sharing pro makeup tips // Jessica Wang -

6) Use ice to depuff.

Ever wake up to a puffy face? Whether it’s from overindulging in alcohol or salty foods the night before, here’s a quick trick to instantly depuff your face! Just apply ice to immediately calm the skin. You can use an ice roller tool, but if you don’t have this on hand, simply dip your face in a bowl of ice water for the same results.

7) Don’t forget about your collarbones.

…Or frankly, any part of your body that hits the light such as the shoulders and neckline. When it comes to last minute makeup touches, I always like to add a bit of highlighter onto any exposed skin for special events or formal occasions. A light sweep of a shimmery highlighter on the exposed areas will make you look like a goddess. I find that a liquid formulation gives the best results!

8) Color correct before you conceal.

When it comes to getting ready for occasions where I know photos and videos will certainly be taken, I will carve out a little extra time to color correct before applying any concealer or foundation. A quick study of the color correction rules will most certainly level up your makeup skills so you can hide any blemish or dark spot effortlessly.

Jessica Wang wearing a Carolina Herrera one shoulder gown with green heels // Jessica Wang -

9) Prime your lips before a bold pout.

Plan on wearing a statement lip out and about? Don’t forget to prime your lips beforehand. While there are specific lip primer formulas out there, a hydrating balm is just as effective. Let this sit on the lips for a few minutes so the product can soak in. This extra step will prevent your lip color from flaking off.

10) Use blush to conceal dark circles.

If you are on-the-go and don’t necessarily have time to do a full makeup routine, try tapping a bit of blush underneath the eyes to further conceal any dark circles. This acts as a DIY color corrector, while also adding a cute flush to the face.

What pro makeup tips are you already using?

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