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Types of Plaid Prints for Fall - Glen Plaid //

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Plaid has made its way back into our wardrobes and our hearts for another fall and winter season. Although the different types of plaid tend to be used interchangeably, there are actually distinct characteristics that make each of them unique. Once you get down to the intricacies of this pattern, you’ll be able to determine how you want to style each of the different types of plaid prints. Below, I’ve broken down the pattern into 4 categories you often see me in around this time of year. I’ve also included outfits of each kind so that by the time you’re finished reading this post, you’ll be a master at recognizing which plaid is what. Make notes because this is one of the biggest trends of the season to know.

Types of Plaid Prints for Fall - Glen Plaid //

Glen Plaid

Glen plaid is most commonly found in suits, trousers, and jackets. I love the “borrowed from the boys” feel of this kind of plaid. As seen in the first two photos, I am wearing glen plaid printed trousers. You can recognized the pattern by the use of alternating horizontal and vertical stripes that cross each other to create a pattern of smaller and larger checks. Some of the bands differ in width and color. Glen plaid is certainly here to stay and there are many ways to wear it this season. A boyfriend blazer, mini skirt and cropped flares are just a few I have been seeing everywhere so far.

Types of Plaid Prints for Fall - tartan //

Types of Plaid Prints for Fall - tartan //


This particular pattern has been around for ages and is definitely the most traditional out of all the variations of plaids. Tartan contains a multitude of identical horizontal and vertical bands and where different colors overlap, new colors are created. When incorporated into an outfit, this print easily elevates a look and adds layers of dimension. Pair some tartan printed pants with a graphic t-shirt for a more rock star vibe or sport a tartan skirt with a blouse for something more refined and traditional. The most ordinary places to find tartan is on a button down or scarf.

Types of Plaid Prints for Fall - windowpane check //


Check patterns are more simple and generally consist of two alternating colors. The horizontal and vertical lines that make up this checkered print are symmetrical, forming equally sized squares. Other patterns that live in this wheelhouse are gingham, buffalo check, and windowpane.

These kind of checkered prints are a lot more subdued in comparison to the other plaids, making this pattern perfect for more minimal, work-friendly outfits.

types of plaid prints - gingham jumpsuit, furla bag, luxury fashion, nyc fashion blogger //

Types of Plaid Prints for Fall - houndstooth boots //


I have always wondered whether or not houndstooth falls into the types of plaid category – and since it is considered a kind of check, I’ve concluded that it is indeed a plaid print. It can be spotted by its abstract pointed pattern. In older years, it was so classy on coats, suits, and scarves, but in more recent days, very edgy as a shoe. If you’re looking for a new way to wear this print, consider a pair of houndstooth boots like I did above.

As you can see, all these patterns are really not created equal! Each one is unique and creates a different kind of feel based on scale and color. Since learning about the diversity of plaids, I have been much more in tune with what to buy when it comes to shopping for plaid for the fall season.

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