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spring summer 2022 trends featuring pink platform mary jane pumps // Jessica Wang -

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It brought me immense joy to see that Fashion Week is almost fully back to its regular programming and that I was able to witness the latest and greatest in person. I was overwhelmed at the collections as there was an abundance of freshness and I was mentally taking so many notes on what I needed to incorporate into my own wardrobe. A commonality I witnessed amongst all the brands was their general optimism. Fashion is back to being fun and innovative – something we long for to take our minds off the whirlwind of life. There was also a youthful spin to a lot of the collections, which is evidence of the cultural significance TikTok and the younger generations have. Now that I am home, I have compiled my observations into this post. Here are the top Spring and Summer 2022 trends from Fashion Week.

spring summer 2022 trends featuring a neutral versace outfit // Jessica Wang -

spring summer 2022 trends featuring a lime green bikini set // Jessica Wang -

spring summer 2022 trends featuring a hot pink sweater and baggy pants // Jessica Wang -

Both Ends of the Color Spectrum

As far as color trends go, I was pleasantly surprised to see that literally everything on the rainbow is a go for 2022. On one hand, many designers were integrating the most vibrant hues onto every silhouette you could possibly imagine. From fierce fuchsia to bright orange to lime green – anything that is eye-catching and photo-ready was seen strutting down the runway. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, there was also heavy use of neutrals that were more digestible and wearable. These neutral tones were far from boring though. There was always an integration of an interesting detail or a clever draping that made each beige or black look ultra luxurious.

spring summer 2022 trends featuring light blue gown // Jessica Wang -

Sultry Silhouettes

Fashion is continually getting more and more sexy by the minute. This SS22 will only continue to heat up as the weather gets warmer. When it comes to this look, think sheer, short, and seductive. Transparent fabrications, intricate cut outs, and extremely high leg slits are all on the table and the more sultry details added the better. With this trend comes the increased promotion of self-confidence and body positivity which I am always on board for.

Jessica Wang carrying a louis vuitton bag for spring summer 2022 // Jessica Wang -

Branded Bags

The logomania trend is making a comeback in a slightly more subdued way this season. Although we may not be wearing repeated logos from head-to-toe like we did in the past, this look is certainly going to be ramped up on accessories – most notably handbags. Repeated trademarks and large logos will be front and center on all of your favorite designer carry-alls. Personally, I love this softer approach on the branded trend so I am excited to bring this look back into my rotation.

spring summer 2022 trends featuring Jessica Wang in a crop top and denim miniskirt // Jessica Wang -


This aesthetic has no signs of slowing down. In fact, it seems as if it is only continuing to snowball into a much greater force. Although some of the SS22 looks had that youthful personality sprinkled in via a pair of low slung pants. Other looks were literally a blast from the past with multiple 2000s themed items compiled into one. Even the most revered brands were dipping their toes in Y2K with the use of butterfly prints and micro mini-skirts.

spring summer 2022 trends featuring Jessica Wang wearing a disc mini dress with a feather bag // Jessica Wang -

Feather and Fringe

I am combining the forces of these two SS22 trends because they often have the same effect on a look. I am speaking, of course, about fringe and feathers. Both of these have the power to add an incredible amount of volume and texture, which I guess is where most of their charm lies. Fringe and feather are lighthearted and fun while also adding so much glam and character to any piece it happens to be on.

spring summer 2022 trends featuring Jessica Wang wearing versace logo sweater dress with platform boots // Jessica Wang -


SS22 is soaring to new heights thanks to this last trend that I just had to cover. We saw it resurgence this past year. However, you should gear up as this is something that will be truly omnipresent. The platform heel has officially strode right back on the scene. It is one of the most covetable footwear trends of 2022. Shop thick-soled platform shoes in the likes of heels, boots, and even more simplistic sandals.

Chances are you may have already started wearing the top Spring & Summer 2022 trends. Which one can’t you get enough of?

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