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fashion blogger jessica wang shares quarantine projects at home // Jessica Wang -

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Many states will enter Phase 1 of reopening this week, but things remain the same for us in the tri-state area. I’m sure many of you will remain cautious and continue to social distance as much as you can too, which leads us to another week of isolation. I have to admit that I’m doing things I didn’t do before and I’m really learning to be still and appreciate it. If you’re in need of ideas for the week, scroll ahead because I’m sharing the quarantine projects you can start while you’re alone. They’re not just inspiring and entertaining – but productive too!

fashion blogger jessica wang waters garden and shares quarantine projects // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.com1. Start a little garden

I’ve never had a green thumb – couldn’t save a cactus for my life. But I’m really appreciating the art of growing my own herbs and small vegetable garden now that I’ve been home. This has been one of my favorite quarantine projects because I can actually just grab the few herbs I need straight from my window sill rather than run out to the grocery store. This table top planter makes it easy for any beginner along with this watering can.

fashion blogger jessica wang shares quarantine projects: baking // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.com2. Learn to bake something well

In the beginning, I was just pretending to know how to bake but I figured at some point “make believe” wasn’t going to fly with the girls. You just have to find a recipe that works. These chocolate chip cookies, this banana bread, and these cupcakes are basically foolproof. Just grab the tools you need below.

fashion blogger jessica wang wears tulle dress on living room floor and shares quarantine projects // Jessica Wang -

3. Create wall art

Creating the perfect wall gallery was probably one of the hardest things for me! But the time and effort ends up being worth it because it’s an amazing way to add color and pattern into space. The easiest way to get started is to stick with a theme for artwork whether that’s minimal art with line drawings or vintage-inspired paintings. Next, go with a cohesive set of frames – it gets the job done quicker. Then, map out a placement on your wall and hang them up!

fashion blogger jessica wang holds lamp and shares quarantine projects // Jessica Wang -

4. Decorate your patio

If you still haven’t put a ton of effort into your balcony or patio space, now’s the time! I love livening it up with plants in terracotta planters and natural woven textures like rattan and jute. This 3-piece wicker set is perfect for just one or two people. Complete the look by layering in pillows and an outdoor throw.

fashion blogger jessica wang shares quarantine projects: reorganizing your makeup projects // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.com5. Re-organize your vanity

Finally, one of the easiest quarantine projects you can start this week is re-organizing your entire vanity with acrylic organizers. They’re not just cheap and affordable, but look great on a table top and expedite the getting ready process since you know where everything is. Rotating organizers like this one and this one have been game changers. I also linked all my favorites below!

What quarantine projects have you been working on lately?

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