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celebrate mother's day at home // Jessica Wang -

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We’re headed in Mother’s Day weekend and this year is definitely going to be different as many of us will still be home. I’m lucky enough to have my mom live with me, so we’ll be keeping things low-key at home. However, if your situation is different, I wanted to share some simple ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day at home. Remember that Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating your mom, but all the amazing women in your life who have made an impact on you. So, be sure to reach out to your friends too!

celebrate mother's day at home with a backyard picnic // Jessica Wang -

celebrate mother's day at home with a backyard picnic // Jessica Wang -

1. Backyard picnic

The weather is supposed to be frigid here this weekend, so if you happen to live out west or down south, definitely take advantage of a backyard picnic. This can happen at her house or your’s. All you need to do is lay a blanket down, plate together a cheeseboard, add fruits, and pour a glass of wine. Just make sure your mom isn’t the one plating nor cleaning up!

Note that I would only encourage this if you (and anyone in your household) as well as your mom’s aren’t “essential workers”, haven’t been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, and have been staying home. Safety first guys!

2. Homemade Dinner at moms

Going out to restaurants have always been a classic American way to treat anyone out. However, celebrating Mother’s Day at home requires you to push up those sleeves and whip up a delicious plate! Need some recipe ideas? Try these: one, two, three.

celebrate mother's day at home with virtual karaoke and game night // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.com3. Zoom Karaoke + Happy Hour or Game Night

Prefer a virtual celebration? That’s ok too. Zoom makes it so easy to set up meetings even for the whole family. Get everyone on board for a karaoke and happy hour session. These microphones are so easy to set up and require zero tech skills. Just get on YouTube and take turns singing the night away. Sing King is my favorite channel for all the best songs. Make Mother’s Day at home extra special by singing a song specifically for your mom.

If you don’t have any microphones and won’t be getting them on time, I still recommend grabbing them for later. But in that case, opt for a game night instead. I love Heads Up, Monopoly, and Uno. If you want a variety of games to pick from definitely check out Jackbox Party Pack!

celebrate mother's day at home // Jessica Wang - Notjessfashion.com4. Dress up the front door

If you plan on dropping off your mom’s Mother’s Day gift on her front door, take some time to dress up her door with decorations. A faux floral wreath that she can re-use every spring is a wonderful idea. Let the kids in on it too with fairy lights, potted plants, and a new doormat!

celebrate mother's day at home with a spa day // Jessica Wang -

5. Spa day

At-home spa days are great too! The girls and I have been enjoying it a lot. All that entails is a good face mask, cozy robe, and nail accessories. Give her a gel manicure for a longer-lasting polish and treat her to some rosé in the process.

celebrate mother's day at home with a spa day // Jessica Wang -

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day at home this year?

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