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Not going to lie, the art of blogger photography boils down to the vision of the photographer, the model, and the outfit. Once you have secured someone you feel comfortable shooting with, all that is left is a dash of self-confidence and the actual look itself. I think I have worn and shot just about every kind of outfit under the sun and I can confidently say there are just some things that photograph much better than others. Whether it be a pop or color or a cool, standout graphic, here are some of the key things you need to include in your look to create a killer photograph.

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Statement Earrings

When you know you plan on getting up close and personal, statement earrings are an absolute must. I am sure all my readers are well aware of my affinity for large earrings. Drop earrings are really amazing for framing and elongating the face. That bring in some extra interest too.

Structured Handbag

Move aside typical crossbody or tote bag! A unique, structured silhouette are one of the pieces that photograph well under any conditions. Whether it be a bucket bag, round bag or squared bag, the different shape really breathes a lot of life into any still life shot. It provides a fixture in which the eye can easily focus in on. Not to mention, it also acts as a prop, allowing you to keep your hands occupied in every photo because I know that is something everyone always struggles with! I highly recommend finding a way to add a structured handbag into your next photoshoot.

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Whereas, larger stud earrings are perfect for adding a touch of glam. Their metallic sheen really catches the light and brightens up the face too!

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Exaggerated Sleeves

Luckily, exaggerated sleeve tops are still very much a thing this fall and winter. Bell, balloon, or puff sleeves are all pieces that photograph well – they’re much more interesting than a flat, basic top. The added detail provides a lot of movement to the entire look, which ends up looking larger than life.

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If you are concerned about the outfit looking too top heavy with the added volume, consider pairing your exaggerated sleeve shirt with some slimmer pant options top balance out the entirety of the look.

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Flared or Wide Leg Pants

Similarity to exaggerated sleeves, flared pants have the same effect – just on the lower half of the body. Shorter girls take notes! The wider hemlines elongate the body and makes the wearer appear taller in the photograph, which is absolutely ideal because the last thing you want is to appear short and squat. To take it a step further, flared pants with some heeled boots or platforms, enhance the overall photograph even more! Note that wide leg pants have the same effect.

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Oversized Sunglasses

If you feel like adding an air of mystery to your outfit photos, consider going incognito with your favorite pair of oversized sunglasses. Yes, the micro sunglasses certainly had their moment in the recent past, but I don’t think they will ever outlive the oversized frames. There is just no denying how much cooler and care-free one appears when wearing them.

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Red Lip

Lastly, one of the best kept accessories in terms of shooting a good photo is a red lip! No matter what, the bold red color looks iconic on any person. Red also has the power to warm your skin tone and add a healthy flush to the face, which is perfect for a photoshoot! I love wearing bold red lips with darker neutrals like black and navy for that extra pop.

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