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jessica wang with hazel and capri child modeling // Jessica

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If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you’ve landed on snaps of Hazel and Capri, my little stars. In what feels like a blink, we have gone from playdates to contracts as models and actors. The girls are now featuring in ads and global campaigns, walking runway shows, starring in movies, and working with big brands like Zara, Nike, HM, Abercrombie, Bergdorf, DKNY and more. So, how did we get here? Here’s our no-nonsense guide to child modeling and acting, inspired by our shared journey. We are going to cover everything from how to get your kid signed with an agency, the ups and downs of modeling, to figuring out the finances.

hazel and capri child modeling //

child modeling // jessica

hazel and capri child modeling //

But First, Why Should Your Kids Model?

I made sure to keep it real with Hazel and Capri as soon as they transitioned from hopping onto my stories to getting paid deals. They’re at that age where money talk is starting to make some sense, so I want them to know exactly where their hustle is going. We chat regularly about budgets, taxes, investments – all that grown-up money stuff but in simple language of course. For me, it’s not just about building financial smarts. It’s about giving them the confidence to make savvy money moves now and later.

First Impressions Count: Assemble a Portfolio

When you have enough snaps and videos, piece together a mini-portfolio. Pick images and clips that show your child’s charm and variety. Don’t forget to add their basic details like age, height, and clothing size.
For Hazel and Capri, I unknowingly had a full portfolio from our social media adventures before we even considered modeling. Remember, there is no one magic formula – you could start with a regular portfolio or use their social media presence.

hazel modeling

capri modeling

jessica wang kids modeling //

Find the Right Fit: Choosing a Modeling Agency

Our journey began in a unique way when Zara approached us for Hazel and Capri’s debut gig. However, if you’re looking for consistent modeling opportunities like photoshoots, commercials, and runway shows, reaching out to a modeling agency is a wise move. They have industry professionals who can provide guidance and valuable insights about the scene. Connecting with a modeling agency can open doors to exciting opportunities in the industry.

Once the girls had their first campaign with Zara, I realized that this could be more than just a one-time opportunity. The challenge was finding an agency that understood our vision. After talking to several agencies, we found the perfect match with Kids x Ohlsson, now known as State Management Kids.

If you’re considering the same path, make sure to do your research. Look for agencies that not only represent child models but also value them. You can gauge this through their track record, reviews, and client list. Checking out their social media accounts, especially Instagram, can also give you an idea of their style and approach to modeling. Some other reputable agencies to consider include Generation Model, Zuri, NY Models, LA Models, and Future Faces. When you’ve found a favorite, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can connect through email, Instagram DMs, or by submitting your portfolio online.

And here’s an important tip: never pay upfront. Reputable agencies won’t ask you to do that. Remember, it’s not just about the gigs; it’s also about the learning and growth opportunities that come along the way. So, take your time to find the right fit.

Navigating Legalities: The Importance of Getting Work Permits

A 15-day permit allows a child performer to participate in entertainment activities continuously for 15 days. It is commonly used as a temporary permit for short-term performances or projects, like the first Zara shoot we had. The process for obtaining this permit was quick and easy.

On the other hand, a one-year permit grants permission for a child performer to engage in entertainment activities for a full year. It is suitable for children involved in long-term jobs or performances.
Please note that the specific requirements and regulations for obtaining and renewing these permits may vary depending on the state.

hazel and capri kids modeling //

The Reality Check: What Child Modeling Really Looks Like

Modeling throws unexpected curveballs, and it’s crucial to teach your kids how to handle them. Hazel and Capri’s modeling and acting demands quickly became a big chunk of our lives.

Managing this all isn’t a one-person job. Our family lends a hand to ensure the girls don’t miss a beat. Whether it’s an urgent audition or a key rehearsal, we’re on it.

A big revelation for us was ‘option modeling. That’s when your child could potentially be picked for a job, so you must hold those dates, but there’s no guarantee. It’s a little complicated, but hang in there! Remember, that being turned down is merely a part of the process. It’s essential to reinforce in our kids the values of patience, commitment, and positivity.

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So what is it like on a job? Let me know if you guys would like a video on that.

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