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fashion blogger jessica wang at her home office sharing office stationary must-haves // Jessica Wang -

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As cases of COVID-19 continue to increase in the United States, many companies continue to push back returning to business as usual, which means there are a lot of people still working from the confines of their own home. It has been a few months now, so I am sure you have your corner of the home you turned into your makeshift “office” to try and resume some normalcy. These are crazy times and since we will probably continue to WFH, I truly think it is worth investing in some items that are going to make your job more enjoyable. One of the easiest, non-committal ways to do so is through office stationary! It is a fun and inexpensive way to update your office space. Here are the stationary items that have personally upgraded my home office.

fashion blogger jessica wang at her home office sharing office stationary must-haves // Jessica Wang -
Daily Planners

Admittedly, chances are your plans are a little more laidback and quiet compared to this time last year. However, I am a big advocate of daily planners – not the books, but the sheets. They act as a key tool in staying organized. In these times, I find that it is useful for separating your work life from your home life. In a planner, you can specifically lay out your different tasks according to work and personal and check things off as you go. There are tons of cute planners to shop from so there is something out there for everyone with different style tastes!


For more quick thoughts, I always like to keep an active notepad in my workspace. If I just want to write anything down from blog post ideas to a quick grocery list, I can quickly grab a sheet and jot it down instead of taking up space within my planner. But who wants to use the boring yellow square post-its? Revamp your lists and thoughts with some cute paper or colors to put you in a good mood!


Going hand-in-hand with planners and note pads, I have also found a newfound love for stickers. These are an easy way to add a little bit of color and design to your planner or your blank journal. There are organizational stickers that help you to flag due dates and check off different tasks. But just as beneficial in my humble opinion, are cute themed stickers that just help to brighten and add some pizzazz to your workload. We have to do what we can to keep WFH fun!

Writing Utensils

This is obviously a no brainer in terms of at home stationary, but I wanted to bring this up because I truly think it is worth upgrading to higher quality writing utensils. There is nothing like a pen that writes smoothly and glides on the paper with ease! Or upgrading your writing tools to incorporate different colored ink and sizes to help you further organize your work notes so they are legible and easy to follow.

Desk Organizers

Lastly, this newly upgraded office stationary collection warrants a new home to put it into. A great investment for your home office are some desk organizers that match with your space. If you prefer more minimal styles, clear acrylic organizers (tip: you can use makeup organizers too) or perhaps a more natural bamboo organizer blends more seamlessly with your office decor. This is a game changer in terms of WFH because it clears up your workspace, while simultaneously clearing your headspace too!

Are you guys going to continue working from home after summer?

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