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jessica wang little luxuries

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In a world that constantly buzzes with hustle and bustle, it’s time to lean into the small wonders that add a touch of sophistication to everyday. I’m wrapping up fashion week and that can seem like a luxury in itself – but truth be told, it’s the little things that truly make life brighter and more enjoyable. I’m talking low frills, low cost acts of pleasure that anyone can afford to integrate into their lives now. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur of the good life or a newcomer to the realm of daily hacks, this post is your backstage pass to 20 little luxuries that will enhance your life.

jessica wang little luxuries

1. Indulge in a bubble bath with candles and minimal lighting – it truly makes a difference!

2. Choose to drink only when celebrating, not during stressful times or at every single event. This has significantly improved my mood, sleep quality and anxiety.

3. Drink anything in fancy glassware to make your everyday feel a little nicer.

4. Practice habit stacking, like listening to an audiobook or a podcast while getting ready and using skincare tools while watching TV at night.

5. Establish a “phone curfew” for the whole family and stowing devices away for the night.

6. Invest in a towel warmer for a touch of luxury after a relaxing shower or bath.

7. A daily spritz of a rich fragrance (i.e. anything from Tom Ford) provides a personal pick-me-up, especially when staying in.

8. Bring the charm of fresh flowers to your dining table regularly.

9. Invest in luxurious bedding and pillows for a good night’s sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed.

10. Choose the comfort of hosting casual dinners with friends over the stress of going out. Have relaxed conversations, enjoy a laidback atmosphere, and skip the rush to leave early for busy bars or lounges.

jessica wang little luxuries

11. Skip the impulsive buys and shop smarter by creating wishlists with items you rate from 1-10. Each payday, treat yourself to one item from the list.

12. Free up your time and employ a cleaning service once a month (or more if you need).

13. Wear nice jewelry even if you’re in loungewear or sweats.

14. Switching to matching PJ sets elevates your lifestyle without breaking the bank. You don’t need to splurge on fancy sets, even affordable ones can make you feel like your life is put together. The same goes for a nice bathrobe and slippers.

15. Investing in one high-quality hair tool, such as the Dyson Airwrap, can turn any day into a good hair day. Plus, overtime, you can save on the blowouts.

16. Tea is a big deal for me! I recommend spending a little more to get your favorite tea blends and to try out new ones. Sure, there are cheaper options, but premium teas keep more of their natural goodness, giving you a tastier experience.

17. Take one minute to quickly tidy up a room. It might be putting away a few items or making your bed. It makes a noticeable difference and sets a more organized tone for the day.

18. Before getting into bed, spend a few minutes doing simple stretches. It helps relax your muscles and reduce tension after a long day.

19. Making tough choices? Grab your phone or a notebook, list out the pros and cons – it’s like a quick mental chill pill, helping you decide in no time!

20. Applying your skincare products with brushes – makes it feel like a spa day at home but also ensures a smoother, more even application!

What little luxuries do you swear by?

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