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Jessica Wang wearing a trench coat with a beige turtleneck shirt sharing her minimalist fall wardrobe essentials // Jessica Wang -

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A couple of people had reached out to me in regards to curating a fall wardrobe. So, I wanted to take the opportunity to further expand upon this inquiry in a full blog post. Theoretically, if I were to put together my ideal autumn capsule wardrobe, it would be full of minimal basics with ample designs for layering and warmth. I thought, what better store to find these wardrobe staples than Amazon since they have everything you could possibly need (and more) at a really affordable price. If you are looking to create your own purposeful, minimal fall capsule wardrobe, here are 10 pieces you can buy right from Amazon.

Jessica Wang wearing a neutral turtleneck shirt with medium wash jeans while sharing her minimalist fall wardrobe capsule from amazon // Jessica Wang -

Long Sleeve Bodysuit

A good basic during the fall is a long sleeve bodysuit because it layers effortlessly under any sweater or coat. If you deem it necessary, you could grab multiple colors on Amazon. I would definitely stock up on the black and white so you can build a nice, neutral outfit foundation.

Basic Tanks

Everyone needs a couple of versatile tanks in their collection. Again, these are key pieces when it comes to layering your daily outfits, for when you need something to wear to the gym, or at home when you want something comfortable to throw on. I really like this pack of 4 because you get some different colors to play around with.

Sailor Stripe Sweater

If I had to choose just one sweater for a fall 2021 capsule wardrobe, I would have to go with one featuring sailor stripes! This is such a huge trend for the season. Since it is more of a basic item, it happens to fit really well into any capsule wardrobe. Wear this nautical knit with denim for a chic weekending outfit.


I tend to get cold easily – especially when we start to ease into true fall weather, so an easy, versatile cardigan I can carry with me at all times is truly a life savior. This cable knit option I found on Amazon is so adorable and could easily be thrown on with any casual look.

Neutral Blazer

Blazers are an all-year closet necessity but I always feel compelled to include them in any minimalist fall capsule wardrobe list. I will forever harp on the fact that they are so incredibly versatile – having the ability to completely transform a lackluster, casual look into one that is polished and stylish just by putting it on. Feel free to cop it in tan, black or white (or all three).

Trench Coat

As much as I love autumn, the weather can be tricky since there are constant waves of harsh winds and rain. A trench coat is a nice piece to keep around to combat the elements. This London Fog trench on Amazon is affordable, water resistant and even has a detachable hood.

Everyday Denim

The tried and true bottom that deserves a place within your capsule wardrobe is denim. If you are new to building a capsule wardrobe, I recommend sticking to a medium wash with no distressing so you can wear it in a relaxed setting and to work on casual Fridays.


For dressier occasions, having something other than denim would be nice so may I direct you to these high-waisted trousers from Amazon! I was blown away by the affordability factor and how chic and on-trend the silhouette is. I absolutely love the idea of styling the apricot color with sneakers and the black pair with heels.


If you are interested in expanding your footwear collection in your minimalist fall capsule wardrobe, there are two main styles I suggest. The first, being loafers! I keep seeing variations of this preppy footwear style every place I go and I fall more in love each time. They are classy, effortlessly chic and this pair happens to be really comfortable too!

Lug Sole Boots

The second pair of shoes I suggest adding to your autumnal capsule wardrobe are lug sole boots. Chunky footwear is incredibly in right now with the lug sole in particular being the detail every influencer and celebrity is going after. You know I love my shoes with height, so I quite like this thick-soled, heeled option on Amazon but feel free to opt for a shorter version.

As always, Amazon manages to have the answer to everything. The above 10 items are going to be a beautiful start to any minimalist fall capsule wardrobe. Let me know what other pieces you plan on adding to your own!

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