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One of my biggest fears is losing my hair ever since I had kids. Although my girls are older now, I just feel like my hair isn’t what it used to be. Every time I brush it, it seems like I’m pulling out half of the strands on my brush! And don’t get Dan started on the volume of shedding that accumulates around our home… Fortunately, I’m learning that I’m not alone. And if you can relate, then you aren’t either. I’ve been trying a few different things with my hair, so I figured I’d share some tips on how to prevent thinning hair – and keep it lush and healthy!

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Hair Masks

I’ve noticed a change in my hair since I started doing regular hair masks. Although you can find so many great ones to try for damaged, thinning, color-treated, or weak hair at Sephora, some of the best results I’ve seen are with homemade masks. It might sound crazy, but eggs can be one of the most essential ingredients to a good hair mask! You can mix it with avocado, castor oil, or green tea. Just make sure you have a good quality shower cap to contain all the liquid and let the magic happen overnight! If that’s too adventurous, I had great experience rubbing fresh aloe vera gel into my scalp – just wash it out after 10-15 minutes.

Castor Oil

When I first expressed my concerns about my thinning hair, a friend of mine recommended I try Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Organic Castor Oil. Both can be found at drugstores, haircare shops, and even some grocery stores. Castor oil contains antioxidants that support proteins and hormones for hair strengthening. It also replenishes your hair’s natural oils, which is especially important when the air is drier. Rub some directly onto the spots where you sense hair receding and add a few drops to any hair mask you use!

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I am always trying to get my daughters to take their vitamins, and the best way to teach them is to lead by example! Any vitamin marketed as a “Hair, Skin, & Nails” supplement is guaranteed to contain biotin, which strengthens the proteins in your hair to prevent breakage. My favorites are by Vitabiotics, Olly, and Hair Anew. Other important vitamins to make sure to get enough of are Vitamin B12, D, Iron, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and Zinc! Luckily, most multivitamins contain the suggested daily values of most of the essential ones you need.

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Other Prevention Tips

Layoff high, tight pony tails – I am definitely guilty of this, but I’ve been trying to wear my hair down more. Your hair undergoes a lot of stress when it’s tightly pulled up, which can induce hair loss.

Get your thyroid checked – Hair loss is a sign that your thyroid hormones may be out of balance. The best way to handle this is consult a medical professional who may be able to point you in the right direction.

Change up your diet – Since stress, diet, and weight loss can all impact your hair health, make sure you’re getting an adequate intake of protein rich foods daily. Vitamin deficiency also plays a huge role so eating a well-balanced diet can help reverse the issue.

Let me know if you guys have tried anything that worked!

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