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jessica wang wearing a leather outfit for winter // Jessica Wang -

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We recently got one of the first big snowfalls of the season in New York. It was a wake up call reminding me the cold front has only begun and we should expect damp, freezing weather on the forecast for at least the next couple of months. Although I am one to “do it for the gram” as they used to say and pose in what some might label them as “seasonally inappropriate outfits” from time to time, there are definitely some cozier, more layered winter looks in which I have been consistently gravitating towards to combat the drop in temperature. I wanted to share a few of these cute winter outfits with you guys today since the cold weather is here to stay for a little while longer. So prepare to cozy up and delve into my go-to winter outfits as of lately below.

Jessica Wang wearing an oversized sweater and wide leg jeans while sharing cute winter outfits // Jessica Wang -

Oversized Everything

When one wants to be as comfortable as possible, the obvious answer for me is to opt for items that are oversized since I associate larger fitted items with comfort. Lately, this has translated directly to pairing both a large top with an equally large bottom for optimum contentment. Not to fear though, if there is anything we learned from the previous year is that not everything needs to be skin tight to be trend right. To be more specific, I have been reaching for a lot of cozy sweatshirts that I can easily throw on and off throughout the day. As for bottoms, how great is the wide leg denim trend that allows you to look stylish yet stay comfy all day long?!

Jessica Wang wearing a retro ski suit featuring perfect moment while sharing cute winter outfits // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang and her daughter in cute winter outfits featuring kenzo puffer jackets // Jessica Wang -


Retro Skiwear

This next look obviously relates directly to wintertime. With the recent uptick in what we have dubbed the Aprés ski aesthetic, winter gear has proven to be a hit both on and off the slopes. However, I did recently make a trip out to the mountains and have donned my best cold weather gear. Along with the ski trend, there is definitely a further push for items with a retro flair to them. For example, puffer jackets with a belted waist. On my recent ski adventure, I went all out and wore a completely retro-inspired jumpsuit. It was one of the best decisions as it seriously kept me warm and snug for hours on end – not an easy feat when you are on a snow covered mountain.

Jessica Wang wearing an oversized sweater vest with a button down shirt and trousers while sharing cute winter outfits // Jessica Wang -

Relaxed Layers

For those long winter days when I need to leave the house and look a little more polished, I find myself always layering on relaxed pieces to create a cohesive outfit. For instance, styling a blouse and sweater vest together and completing the look with some trousers and a long coat to wrap up in. The loose layers are certainly more put together but that is not the best part! This actually allows you to add tighter-fitting layers underneath for when it is really cold out so you can dress up without skipping a beat.

Jessica Wang wearing a sequin top and sequin pants while sharing cute winter outfits // Jessica Wang -


In a previous post, I had mentioned how metallic anything is going to play a large part in winter fashion. It was certainly ramped up for the holiday season but to all of our surprise, has yet to slow down even as we are well into the new year. Reflective fabrications, whether it be sequins, beads or crystal embellishments, are here to stay – at least for now and into the spring season. Metallic pieces are a great way to add some glitz

Jessica Wang wearing a green blazer with a silver skirt while sharing cute winter outfits // Jessica Wang -

and glam into your everyday looks with a flashy bag or even some crystal heels. But they definitely shine (get it?) at night thanks to popular pieces such as little sequined dresses and embellished evening bags.

jessica wang wearing cute winter outfits featuring a fleece lounge set // Jessica Wang -

Knit Loungewear

Since we are spending more time at home during the winter, there are days when I know I am just going to be tending to the kids or sitting down and doing desk work. But when these days happen, I prefer to make it a point and to get dressed out of my pajamas in order for me to feel an extra boost of productivity. Knitted loungewear is the perfect solution as there are so many different styles that look dressed up but feel like you are still wearing your soft pjs from the night before! Bonus points if I manage to come across any matching knit loungewear sets because I am all for ease of getting dressed on busy work days.

What cute winter outfits have you been wearing lately?

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