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2021 finally started to feel (almost) back to normal. I was able to travel abroad several times, attend events, and see family and friends. With COVID cases rapidly increasing, I feel those things slipping from my fingertips. We can only patiently wait and cross our fingers that things will calm down. Until then, we need to try our best to keep our heads afloat. It is easy to forget to take care of ourselves since we are constantly inundated with negative news and worrying about our loved ones. That is why I wanted to focus today’s post on the little steps we can take to prioritize self-care practices into your day-by-day. The below procedures will allow you to incorporate quick acts of love as you go about your to-dos. Here is how to give back to yourself by injecting self-care practices into your daily rituals.

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Rise & Shine

Self-love should start as soon as you open your eyes in the AM. One of the best things you can do to start your day on the right foot is to ignore your phone. Rather than wake up and check all your social feeds, focus on yourself instead. At this time, you may even want to try out a meditating app, like Headspace, that you can quietly do in bed or even as you go about your morning routine. One act of self-care is your beauty regimen. Take the time to enjoy each step and delicately apply each product to your face. I would also pay attention to what products you are using because you only want things that nourish your skin from the ground up. From there, enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea and take any vitamins or immunity-boosting supplements that work with your lifestyle.

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Midday Stretch

Weekdays often feel like they drag on forever so I am a big fan of taking a midday breather. Allowing yourself a few moments to recollect your thoughts and channel your energy will help you push through to the end of the work day. If you work from home, it may even behoove you to do a light 10 to 15 minute workout so you get your body moving and your blood pumping. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day too. One trick to reach your daily water intake goals is to use a larger water bottle rather than a drinking glass. This can minimize the amount of time you need to fill it up. If you need something to flavor your water so it is more enticing, try infusing your water with mint or berries. They not only provide flavor but will give you additional antioxidants too!

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Nourish the Body & Mind

The self-care practices that will make a large impact on your life involve nourishing your body and mind with good intentions. Starting with the body, promise yourself to start treating your food as medicine. This means indulging in whole foods and reducing your intake of processed foods. One way to achieve this goal is to cook from home as often as possible. You can motivate yourself to do so by investing in high-quality cookware and aesthetically pleasing serve-ware. As far as the mind goes, continue to meditate throughout the week, and journal your thoughts and feelings. I also recommend reading books that have the power to lift your spirits and point your consciousness in a positive direction.

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Nighttime Rituals

It is just as important to end your day on a high note so you can sleep restfully and wake up recharged for another day. Gear up for the night by switching into some cozy pajamas. After all, comfort is key. I also like to use an essential oil diffuser or light a candle at this time. Like the morning routine, you should also have a structured nighttime beauty routine in the form of self-love. Again, use high quality products. You can even incorporate some tools if necessary like a gua sha or face roller. As you get in bed, I always suggest thinking of 3 things you’re grateful for or maybe 3 intentions you want to try. Then, tackle those the following day.

I hope the above acts of self-love are easy to integrate into your everyday routine. As we continue to juggle with the day-to-day qualms of life, please ensure you are stopping to check in with yourself and be aware of your wellbeing. These self-care practices will make a big difference in your overall mental health. Let us all manifest a new year filled with love and light.

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