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chic skiwear from perfect moment //

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I might not be that fitspo influencer, but I do enjoy heading to the slopes at this time of year to get my body moving! Skiing is a really fun winter activity that you can do with your family or friends – and you’re guaranteed to have a blast. Plus, nothing beats spending a long day in the freezing snow and coming back to a warm hotel or cabin for some mulled wine or hot cocoa (for the kids). Not going to lie, I am especially drawn to skiing this season because all the chic skiwear! Whether you are on the slopes or sitting fireside with your glass of wine, there are so many cute outfit opportunities to take advantage of. If you are off to the mountains soon, I hope this blog post provides you with some winter ski outfit inspiration!

yellow parka on snowy mountain top // Notjessfashion.comBold & Bright Sportswear

If you’re venturing out for an adventure to admire nature or to hit the slopes, obviously you need a water-repellent winter jacket so you can stay as warm as possible – especially if you plan on spending hours on end outdoors. Something bright ensures you are easily visible in the winter white but it also makes for a really photo-ready look. Just as crucial are some thermal layering tops, as well as some insulated pants.

Chic skiwear in Cordova yellow snow suit //

Chic skiwear in Cordova yellow snow suit //

Ski Suit For the Slopes

If you want to go full-out winter queen, a ski suit is a must to slay the slopes in. In everyday fashion, I absolutely love a good one-piece and it makes even more sense when you are out in the elements all day long. Cordova makes some really flattering, yet heavy-duty ski suits that are perfect for the occasion. If you’re looking for something mid-priced, Perfect Moment is always a fave, and finally, for the budget-conscious (or if skiing just isn’t really your thing), check out Topshop! I promise you will be the chicest gal on the mountain!

chic skiwear featuring fendi puffer coat sweat pants and shearling boots // Notjessfashion.comCozy Athleisure

Thank god athleisure continues to trend into 2020. What would I do without my adorable leggings and sweats? If you have to travel to your cabin getaway, I always like to wear something comfy while still maintaining my personal taste. A matching oversized sweatshirt and leggings is an outfit you can easily throw together. Layer on a cute coat for extra warmth, some shearling-lined booties and maybe even a structured handbag to dress your outfit up a little. After all, you want to arrive in style!

The Essential Accessories

Chic skiwear doesn’t come without an onslaught of accessories. To ensure you don’t overdo the packing, I wanted to share the absolute essential add-ons you’ll need and will wear on repeat.

Beanie – There are lots of options for hats, but save yourself the space and just stick to 1-2 wool-blend and/or cashmere beanies. It’s a surefire way to keep your head snug and warm in subzero temps.

Gloves – This is another accessory where I recommend you pack two of – a functional one for skiing and a texting one for when you’re off the slopes and out (love these). I personally prefer mittens when skiing!

Sunglasses – Snow makes everything brighter, especially when the sun is out and light is bouncing everywhere. Make sure you have at least one pair of sunnies to get you through the entire trip!

chic skiwear in metallic puffer coat black leggings and shearling lined booties //

Thick Socks – Socks are so underrated, but they are a total game changer if you want to stay comfy and toasty while avoiding blisters. This pair is super cute to throw over leggings when you’re exploring town while this one is great for the slopes!

Goggles/Headgear – I’m all about safety, so please, don’t forget a pair of goggles that offer UV protection and a helmet!

fashion blogger jessica wang features chic skiwear in aspen // Notjessfashion.comFireside Chic

Lastly, no trip to the lodge is complete without an outfit that is only ideal for lounging around the fire after your body recovers from a long day of skiing. Your cozy outfit does not have to look drab either. Grab a cute knit sweater and some matching jogger pants. I love these because all though they feel like sweats, they look nice enough to be worn out in public! If you are stepping out, a cute, drape-front coat and some winter boots will complete the outfit.

Are you guys skiing this season? Let me know where you’re headed (and even if you’re not, who says you can’t do chic skiwear on the streets)!

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