All You Need To Know About Wearing Ombre

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How to wear ombre jacket // jessicawang.comHow to wear ombre jacket // jessicawang.comHow to wear ombre jacket // jessicawang.comHow to wear ombre jacket // jessicawang.comHow to wear ombre jacket //

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Every year—or so it seems—everyone says, “ombre is finally going out of style this year.“ But it hasn’t. And it honestly looks like it never will. Because in the years since it first became a popular trend (first in beauty + hair, then in fashion, it’s gotten more and more sophisticated, and more and more stylish.

The gradient hues, when done well, can create a most polished look. The play with light and dark already adds texture to your look, and makes you stand out due to the contrast. And the the best thing about it? You can ombre anything. And yes. We just made it a verb . .

The options are endless, from dresses to sweaters, to pants and T-shirts. And even accessories like bags and shoes! But it does come with complications: what is the best way to put together an ombre outfit?

Here’s a few tips:

Keep it simple! It’s best to steer clear of eye-popping patterns, textures, or accessories. The ombre is enough on its own, and you don’t want anything else in your already amazing outfit to take away from it.

Go dark . . . or light. Contrast is one of the best components an ombre look has to offer. Play with that contrast with an all dark outfit that makes the lightest part pop. Or— depending on your mood—or what’s in your wardrobe, you can wear a light colored outfit to make the darkness stand out. Bonus points if you go for a monochromatic look paired with the your beloved ombre!

Give a little tease! In the cooler months, cover an ombre top with a sweater or jacket. It will add a classy little surprise underneath the layers, that will for sure draw attention to every eye that comes across your look!

Whether it’s pants, a sweater, a dress, or a T-shirt, ombre will always be a statement piece. But don’t be afraid of it! As long as you know how to style it simply with your wardrobe rotation and your personality, you can’t go wrong with ombre clothes!

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