The Teddy Bear Coat Is Literally All You Need This Winter

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Teddy Bear Coat // jessicawang.comTeddy Bear Coat // jessicawang.comTeddy Bear Coat // jessicawang.comTeddy Bear Coat // jessicawang.comTeddy Bear Coat //

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We all strive to be sartorial queens. But there’s one problem that’s challenged street-style everywhere (except Florida). Even the best of the best. And that problem? Winter. Winter weather forces the trend-obsessed to hide our well-planned outfits . . .our favorite sweaters, our over-the-knee boots, our velvet dresses. And quite frankly, we’re not having it anymore. But you no longer have to hide your stylish layers under a giant down coat that drowns your silhouette. And you no longer have to brave the cold, sans coat, for fashion’s sake—we’re all guilty of this, right?! I know I am . . .

Anyways . . . thankfully, the winter style problem’s been solved. And it only took the comeback of an old favorite: the teddy bear coat. No, we didn’t steal the teddy bear you slept with every night and turn it into a coat. We wouldn’t do that! A teddy bear coat is like that fur coat your grandma wore, that you always associated with old ladies. Except now every fashion blogger—is wearing them right now.

We’re pretty sure that once you find your teddy, you’ll give it warm hugs and winter will actually be your favorite season—seriously!

The teddy bear coat is ideal for winter fashion in so many amazing ways:

-First, it gives you warmth. Like the warmth of a teddy bear when you were sad or scared as a kid.
-It covers up your seasonal and elegantly curated winter outfit, but it’s cute and cozy, so who cares?
-Teddy bear coats come in all different shapes, colors and silhouette. All you have to do is pick one—or two. or five—that are the right fit for your wardrobe and your personality.
-Your teddy bear coat helps you stand out among the sea of black down coats that you’ll undoubtedly see all season long.
-The teddy coat also adds some much needed texture to a simple outfit, such as some color to an all black ensemble (a winter go-to).
-It’ll go with any look—skinny jeans, a mini dress, over-the-knee boots, booties, you name it!

Give yourself the love of a teddy bear coat this winter, all while staying warm and as stylish as ever. Get your teddy bear coat now and wear it every day before spring comes. Before you know it, it’ll be time to get sundresses and sandals out of the back our closets again.

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