7 Pieces to Spice Up Your Work Outfit

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We all gotta work so why not make our work outfit worthwhile? While I oftentimes get to wear some of the best things fashion has to offer for my job, I totally understand what it’s like to be confined to office-wear. A lot of offices have a more casual vibe these days, but it can still be hard to pull out a professional looking work outfit that’s work appropriate, and still feels like you. So whether you work in a casual office and need some advice on those important days where you do have to dress up, or whether you have to dress up every day and the struggle is too real, here s some options to easily make your work outfit feel relaxed, stylish, and most importantly, like yourself.


Instead of a cardigan – try a fitted blazer:

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You all know I love a good cardigan, but when worn so often it can feel very uniform. To spice up your work outfit, try a fitted blazer instead of your go-to cardigan. Blazers come in so many unique offerings these days: colors, embellishments, buttons, etc, that you’re bound to find more than one go-to that makes you feel like yourself in your work environment. I also love a longline blazer with a shift dress (or this blazer dress). Such a classic, cool and effortless look.  

Step up your white blouse – try a statement sleeve button down:

Statement Sleeve Shirt - 7 Pieces to Spice Up Your Work Outfit //

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Classic white button-ups can get boring. But thankfully, there’s room to make the more exciting. With bell sleeves, embellishments, and ruffles so on trend right now, you can totally find a white button-down with a statement sleeve!

Black is safe – try a colorful pencil skirt:

Pencil Skirt - 7 Pieces to Spice Up Your Work Outfit //

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Pencil skirts are pretty much the go-tos for work outfits. They’re classic, modest, and professional looking, and go with pretty much any top. But don’t stick to the basic colors with this basic bottom! Instead of opting for black, brown, or grey, brighten it up with a bold, unexpected color like pink or blue—or whatever your favorite color is! I’m also seeing some fun, feminine touches on pencil skirts this season, like ruffles and lace: don’t be shy. Go for it! It will make such a big difference to your work wardrobe.

No jeans, no worries – try white pants:

White Pants - 7 Pieces to Spice Up Your Work Outfit //

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I know a lot of offices are casual these days, but dressing up is fun, and some of you probably can’t wear jeans. It’s a struggle since jeans are obviously the best—comfortable and go with anything. As an alternative to jeans, try some white pants. They’re basically skinny jeans but are chic and like your jeans will go with anything.

Slacks? – Try belted high-waisted pants:

High Waisted Pants - 7 Pieces to Spice Up Your Work Outfit //

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Slacks are sleek and professional – but can get boring. I suggest a belted high-waisted cigarette pant. They’re so in right now, flattering on so many figures, and look super professional with a simple white blouse. The belted element adds some much-needed interest.

Matching two piece suits is a little outdated – try a jumpsuit:

Jumpsuit - 7 Pieces to Spice Up Your Work Outfit //

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Matching suits can get a bit tacky after a few wears. To mix things up a bit, try jumpsuit—solid black is perfect. For happy hour, you can later dress it up by switching accessories and outerwear. So easy!

Pumps can only hurt for so long – try block heels:

Block Heels - 7 Pieces to Spice Up Your Work Outfit //

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Oh, pumps. Beautiful pumps. Who doesn’t wear them for work? Pumps are amazing, but they also hurt a lot. For more comfort and east, try a block heel pair to stay stylish without worrying about tripping. Your feet will thank you later.

Hope you guys enjoyed these tips!

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