7 Types of Easter Sunday Dresses Under $100

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Easter is approaching, who has already started looking for Easter Sunday dresses? Easter is a big holiday for a lot of people. Sometimes it can be a little hard to shop for, because a lot of us are looking for that perfect Easter Sunday dress that’s not only cute but also appropriate for church or family-related events. What that means is, nothing too flashy or showing too much skin. The great thing about Easter Sunday is that it’s when spring fashion is truly alive. You can really go all out for your look with light colors, florals, and feminine touches that scream the very best of spring!

Here are my suggestions for Easter Sunday dress ideas!


Ruffle dress - 7 Types of Easter Sunday Dresses Under $100 //

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While frills and ruffles are so on trend right now, they never really go completely out of style, especially when your style is super feminine. A frilly and/or ruffly dress in the right spring color is perfect for Easter because it’s playful and chic, and you can really have some fun experimenting with your accessories. I also love how a great dress with ruffles or frills can be worn on more casual occasions with some changes in styling.


Satin dress - 7 Types of Easter Sunday Dresses Under $100 //

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When you think of silk and satin, you usually think sexy lingerie. But that’s not totally true, making this type of dress one of my favorites out of these Easter Sunday dresses! There are plenty of sophisticated silk and satin dresses that are perfect for the holiday. Silk is just the right amount of shine without drawing too much attention in the way that sequins would. It’s also really easy to find a silk or satin dress right for the occasion within your budget.


Baby doll dress - 7 Types of Easter Sunday Dresses Under $100 //

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Baby-dolls are girly and available at so many stores in so many different price ranges. Whether you want to spend a small portion of your budget or spend till the very last penny. Baby-doll dress silhouettes are so spring and can be styled in so many different ways. For Easter, I suggest a beige pair of heels and a bold necklace.


Pleated dress - 7 Types of Easter Sunday Dresses Under $100 //

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Pleated dresses are so chic and are perfect for those of you who have a little more simple style and shy away from florals and ruffles. Hey, they’re amazing, but they’re not for everybody! Pleats provide that fun texture and feminity that will make your outfit feel uniquely Easter. And also, extra perk: pleated dresses are great for twirling around. But that’s just one plus. They’re also easy to convert into an outfit for work and for play. I’m obsessed with this pleated maxi dress from Asos that totally embodies the holiday and a lot of spring’s hottest trends.

Floral Maxi

Floral Maxi Dress - 7 Types of Easter Sunday Dresses Under $100 //

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Floral maxis are so Easter. They’re so easily dressed up, and comfortable for longer wear. I also love how a floral maxi can so easily transform into a more casual look that you can wear on other occasions!


Off the shoulder dress - 7 Types of Easter Sunday Dresses Under $100 //

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If you haven’t seen off-the-shoulder dresses everywhere, then you must be living in a cave without any Internet connection. Off-the-shoulder dresses are everywhere this spring, and for good reason: they’re so cute and provide the perfect balance of sexy and chic and they are another one of my favorite types of Easter Sunday dresses. Off-the-shoulder dresses are available at so many price points and styles that you’re bound to find the perfect one to suit your personal style.

Midi Length

Midi dress - 7 Types of Easter Sunday Dresses Under $100 //

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Last but not least, the midi length dress is also high on my list for Easter Sunday dresses. I am so happy that midi length dresses are making a comeback. Midi length silhouettes are classy and so flattering on everyone. You can easily find a midi that combines all the other spring trends and you’ll be able to wear it so many times!

It’s hard to pick just one dress! If I could wear three different outfits just for this day, that would be amazing. But there’s no time for that. This year, in particular, there are soooo many spring trends that are just right for the occasion without blowing your budget so I hope that you found this roundup helpful!

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