7 Of The Best Asian Beauty Products You’ve Never Heard Of, But Have To Try

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If you’re in the beauty circle, then you’ll be privy to all sorts of magical gems. It’s like you’re a part of a secret girl’s club and the mission is to slay every chance we get. I recently did a round up with 20 Beauty Products That I Swear By – 2017 Edition but there are some hidden gems that I really wanted to share with you all! I want you to be in the loop, that’s why I’m sharing these Asian beauty products with you today.  Each one has a special place in my heart and I know you will love them as much as I do.

Saturday Skin – Cushion Compact

Saturday Skins Compact Cushion - 7 Of The Best Asian Beauty Products You've Never Heard Of, But Have To Try //

Who doesn’t want honey moisturizing their face all day while still having lightweight coverage?  It sounds dreamy, right?  The bonus to the cushion compact is that it has sun protection at 50 SPF and has peptides to keep you looking fresh.  The coverage is matte and as light as a feather.

Tonymoly – Megatox Ampoule Sheet Masks

The packaging makes you feel like you’ve just bought something on the beauty black market or from a legit plastic surgeon.  Tiny blue, beige, or white ampoules distribute a mask all rolled up with a formula of three parts hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump and one part glycerin to lock in all the moisture.  Everyone who’s tried it is still raving about the intense moisturizing effects.

Dr. Jart – Rubber Face Masks

With names like the Firm Lover, Hydration Lover, and Bright Lover, the rubber masks appeal to a girl who gets savvy marketing and wants serious facial attention.  Each formula has special ingredients that attend to a girl’s wants and needs; there’s a real science behind these cool looking masks.  They are paraben and sulfate free which makes each purchase feel like you’re doing something nice for your face.

Etude House – Tint My Brow Gel

Eyebrows on fleek, as a concept and a look, is not going anywhere.  Eyebrows frame the face is a way that gives each girl her unique gaze.  So why not keep them sharp and defined.  This is for the girl who’s tired of penciling in her brows, bored of the eyebrow kit, or unsatisfied with trying to tint eyebrows in other ways.  This stuff works and when you try it once, you’ll be convinced.  Read the directions for long-lasting effects.

Bonvivant – Original Chrome Mask

Bonvivant Chrome Mask - 7 Of The Best Asian Beauty Products You've Never Heard Of, But Have To Try //

A mask that exfoliates, removes impurities and brightens complexion is a mask that should be in every girl’s beauty regimen.  With a variety of floral extracts, antioxidants, and diamond powder surely this is your new favorite mask ever.  Sit back, relax, and let the ultra-savage Chrome mask deliver you a shiny new face.

Tatcha – Rice Paper

Enough with absorbing oils by applying another layer of powder.  At some point, all those layers will weigh your face down and cause major wrinkles.  Go for something organic, an old school way to remove oiliness from the skin.  Blotting rice paper are a secret that’s been in many families for decades.  Just dab where you have excess oil and you’ll see how the rice powered paper naturally leaves the area dry and not cakey.  The packing is super sleek and slim; taking up zero room in your favorite bag no matter how small.

Etude House – Moisturizer

Put together Baobab and collagen water into one product and you’ve got this gorgeous emulsion that will keep your skin hydrated for hours upon hours; and can even go into the night.  It seals in moisture all day and adds a firm yet supple look to the skin.  This is a moisturizer for the girl who knows what she wants in a moisturizer.  This one will keep you coming back, it’s that good and that effective.

As I get older, I’ve learned that good skin care is so important. I hope that you’ll find these holy grails helpful!

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