6 Ankle Boots You Can Still Rock All Summer

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Most of us wait all winter long to pull out our summer shoes. We even try to creep some of our summer shoes into our spring looks; for the even more adventurous, they slip them on in winter. Summer shoes let us show off our tanned toes and our perfect pedicure. But summer shoes aren’t just about the strappy sandal, the exotic espadrille, or the sexy stiletto. Ankle boots can be worn in summer as long as you know what you’re doing. Let me help you with this one.

I want to show you how to wear ankle boots in the summer and which ones are this summer’s must-haves. So far, I’ve been experimenting with ankle boots and summer looks and I must confess, I’m having so many amazing fashion moments.


Denim Ankle Boots - 6 Ankle Boots You Can Still Rock All Summer //

Denim ankle boots are just as versatile as nude ankle boots. Plus, denim has never been more in the spotlight. Like denim has made a huge comeback and comes in various shades, shapes, and styles. So why not join the denim crew and go all the way with an ankle boot. Mix and match denim that speaks volumes about your fashion sense. An oversized denim jacket with a flirty summer dress and denim ankle boots is a killer look.



White Ankle Boots - 6 Ankle Boots You Can Still Rock All Summer //

Summer white ankle boots are that crisp, clean white. The white of clouds, daisy petals, and the sands of some islands. Dive into summer white! White ankle boots can be totally edgy if paired with a monochromatic outfit like red, black, or even yellow. Or go for that innocent panache and do all white from head to toe.


Nude Ankle Boots - 6 Ankle Boots You Can Still Rock All Summer //

Probably the best ankle boot on the list! Why? Because nudes goes with everything. And nudes have been trendy ever since certain celebrity figures have decided to make nudes the real neutral. Black is still the queen of neutral, but nude come in as an easy second. Nude ankle boots can be paired with literally all outfits –from skirts to boyfriend jeans to rompers. Feel free to let your make-up match your ankle boots for a cohesive vibe.

Peep Toe

Peep Toe Ankle Boots - 6 Ankle Boots You Can Still Rock All Summer //

Speaking of toes, the peep toe ankle boot is all the rage. It’s the summer bootie that screams summer because of the cutout. Bold cutouts fall into this category, too. Peep toes allow for breathing room which is delightful during the summer months. Plus, they let you show off those summertime colors you chose for your pedicure.


Metallic Ankle Boots - 6 Ankle Boots You Can Still Rock All Summer //

With tanned skin for miles and miles, metallic ankle boots are sure to make all those skins glow even brighter. Muted metallics work, even in winter, but in the summer, go for shimmery metallics that catch the sun’s rays and make you feel like a goddess. A metallic ankle boot will be stunning with a white or black ensemble, even consider stripes and geometric patterns to boost that new age-y feel that’s cosmically cool and one of the hottest trends of this summer.


Colorful Ankle Boots - 6 Ankle Boots You Can Still Rock All Summer //

It’s summer, therefore that means splash the color on thick! Don’t hold back with color this summer. And not only vibrant colors and color mixtures, but even feel bold enough to tamper with some neon colors, too. Colorful ankle boots are so 90s and the fashion world is taking hold. Of course, bold colored ankle boots are adorable and when used properly, end up being more like a neutral rather than an attention-grabbing item.

So there you go, keep rocking those ankle booties as much as you want to. They’re totally an all-year-round piece!

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