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It’s a hard question when people would ask me about what is it that I do and how exactly does blogging work. Being a fashion blogger is fun, and for me, pretty much a dream come true ever since I started doing it full-time. My day to day is hectic but always exciting, at least for me. For those of you who don’t know, I’m also a mom of two daughters – Hazel and Capri, so there’s quite a lot on my plate – still, I love every second of it.

Between all of the errand runs, the meetings, and on some days, back to back events, there’s one thing that I can truly rely on – Uber.  So, come along! Rather than trying to explain what it is that I do, let me take you with me through a day in my life.


6:00 am:

In order to be productive, I find that getting up early is so important. I love being a morning person. That’s really the most ideal time for me to get a lot of the things done with no interruptions.

Before starting the day, I always make sure I have some breakfast while I go over my emails to get started.

Mommy and Me Matching Outfit - In My Uber, On My Way // NotJessFashion.comMommy and Me Matching Polkadots - In My Uber, On My Way //

8:00 am:

Once it’s 8, that’s when I have to drop off my oldest, Hazel at school. On days when we aren’t able to walk by foot, we’ll usually call an Uber and ride together. Not having to drive myself means I can spend a little time chatting with her and have a few minutes to relax. It’s the one part of the morning where we’re not rushing and I have come to really enjoy it.

Getting into an Uber - In My Uber, On My Way //

9:00 am:

After dropping Hazel off, I head straight to work. The great thing about working in the blogging industry is that many meetings are semi-formal and they are usually in a cute coffee shop. On this particular day, I was at San Remos to meet a client and stayed to catch up on incoming emails between meetings.

At San Remo Cafe - In My Uber, On My Way // Working from a cafe - In My Uber, On My Way // Working from cafe - In My Uber, On My Way //

11:00 am:

I know for a lot of people, golden hour is ideal, but I usually try to just shoot throughout the day and find locations and work with the lighting to make it work. Sometimes I’ll even find a location to shoot that’s very close by. Like how I stumbled upon the Corner a few minutes after leaving the cafe. But New York is also full of surprises and I always find hidden walls and art all over that serendipitously go well with my outfit!

The Corner New York City - In My Uber, On My Way // NotJessFashion.comRuffle Skirt At The Corner - In My Uber, On My Way // NotJessFashion.comRuffle Skirt Streetstyle - In My Uber, On My Way // NotJessFashion.comNew York City Wall OOTD Shoot - In My Uber, On My Way //
1:00 pm:

By now I’m probably looking for food. For lunch, I usually just grab a quick bite alone on days when my schedule is very packed. But once in a while, I’ll meet up with a friend and we’d share an Uber, Split Fare and use the ride time to catch up and share a few laughs. On this particular summer day, we decided to head to the rooftop of the Pod 39 for some tacos and drinks.

Uber Sharing - In My Uber, On My Way // NotJessFashion.comThe Pod 39 Rooftop - In My Uber, On My Way // NotJessFashion.comLunch at Pod 39 Rooftop - In My Uber, On My Way //

4:00 pm:

Now that most of the work is out of the way, I always make some time for the girls. Working independently gives me more time to work at my pace and make time for family. I love to spend Spring and Summer afternoons with Hazel and Capri at the park. It’s nothing fancy but really makes my day feel complete.

Mom and daughter in park - In My Uber, On My Way // Mom and daughters in park - In My Uber, On My Way //

7:00 pm:

There are a lot of industry events that take place after normal work hours. I usually can’t make them all but when I do go out to events, it’s usually a great excuse to grab dinner with a friend after.

I’m a wine girl, so sometimes I’ll indulge and have more than one or two glasses. With the ease of Uber, I don’t have to worry about my safety getting home and or having to drive.

Sel Rrose Bar - In My Uber, On My Way // Dinner Drinks at Sel Rrose Bar - In My Uber, On My Way // Oysters at Sel Rrose - In My Uber, On My Way //

9:00 pm:

After a long day I usually get home, unwind, take a quick shower and hop into bed. I’ll go over my emails one more time, do a little bit of editing and prepping blog content all while catching up on my favorite shows.



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