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Jessica Wang wearing spring transitional pieces featuring a printed trench coat with leather wide leg pants // Jessica Wang -

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Every year at this time, I find myself struggling a bit more to choose an outfit because the weather is constantly fluctuating throughout the day. In this transitional period, it can be hard to prepare the perfect outfit as it is often chilly in the morning, bright and sunny mid-afternoon, and back to cold in the evening. If you are out all day long, how does one properly dress accordingly for the day? For me, the trick to nailing down the ideal transitional outfit is to dress in layers whenever possible. This way, you can add and subtract pieces throughout the day to combat the change in weather. We are just hitting the threshold of the temperatures warming up so take action and shop for these winter-to-spring transitional pieces.

Jessica Wang wearing spring transitional pieces featuring a utility coat with a midi skirt // Jessica Wang -


A smart layering device that you can expertly drape over any outfit is a great place to start for your transitional wardrobe needs. Longline utilitarian coats that are in-between being insulated and lightweight will be key. I would also suggest shopping styles that lean a little oversized and baggy. This will give you room to wear thicker layers underneath on days that have a bit more winter chill left. If you have yet to add an overcoat to your wardrobe, stick to neutrals that can be maximized with a plethora of outfits. If you already have a standard style, maybe now is the time to invest in a more statement overcoat to further expand your outerwear options.

Jessica Wang wearing spring transitional pieces featuring a mini skirt with knee high boots // Jessica Wang -

Knee-High Boots

Do not be so quick to say goodbye to your knee-high boots. This is seriously one of the easiest ways to start dipping into your spring clothing while still in winter. You can wear any of your garments with short hemlines and knee-high boots because the majority of your legs will still be shielded. Dresses, mini skirts, and shorts can all be masterfully mixed with a pair of tall boots to create the ideal transitional outfit. Best part of all? Many of the retailers start marking down their boots because they already consider them out-of-season so now is the best time to take advantage of the deals!

Jessica Wang wearing spring transitional pieces featuring a cropped jacket and a plaid mini dress // Jessica Wang -

Jessica Wang wearing spring transitional pieces featuring a cropped leather jacket and leather pants // Jessica Wang -

Cropped Jackets

The thing I end up looking forward to the most when the warm weather approaches is the moment when you can finally shed your jacket and embrace the sunshine in all its glory. I am sure we can all relate experiencing those annoying occasions when you wear a coat out of the house. Then, it ends up being relatively warm and you are forced to drag your coat all over town. Although it is still a bit early to have that liberty so the best alternative is to opt for a cropped jacket. It is still an outerwear piece but it is significantly less bulky and heavy than a regular puffer jacket or denim coat would be. Cropped length jackets also naturally have a more modish style to them which can work in your favor for a more trend savvy outfit.

Jessica Wang wearing spring transitional pieces featuring a sherpa cardigan with a ruffle blouse // Jessica Wang -


As we move from winter to spring, one item that you might slowly start waving goodbye to are your chunky sweaters. Instead, you can adjust to incorporating more transitional pieces, like cardigans, into your looks. Cozy cardis are still very warm, but much easier to shrug on and off throughout the day than a turtleneck. Within the cardigan family, there are so many different variations that can play to everyone’s personal style preferences. Cop a plaid cardi to resonate with the academia aesthetic. Or invest in one in a statement print to act as a bold addition to mix-and-match with your looks. Of course, a neutral ivory or beige cardigan will have the most legs to stand on thanks to its versatility powers.

Jessica Wang wearing spring transitional pieces featuring a cut out mini dress and green heels in 2022 // Jessica Wang -

Cut Outs

I have mentioned this trend several times throughout the past year but they will continue to accentuate everything from tops to dresses. If you have yet to try this sultry look out, perhaps use the current adjustment in weather as your chance to wear something new. I will be the first to admit that I have been hesitant on wearing a sexy, cut out dress in the dead of winter – for obvious reasons. But now that it is warming up, peek-a-boo dresses, midriff-baring tops, and backless bodysuits are much more feasible to style. You can still get away with tossing a light layer on top of any cutout piece too.

What winter-to-spring transitional pieces have you worn as of late?

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