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Winter Packing Tips - Red Coat with Pom Pom Scarf and Snow Boots //

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Happy Friday, guys! I’m so excited about the weekend and can’t believe that the Christmas festivities are already starting. I hope you got all your gifts wrapped and ready to go. And if any of you are traveling, I’ll be sharing my winter packing tips today. Most of these tips will apply to those who are packing bulky winter gear, so if you’re off to somewhere warm and tropical, you can check out the posts here and here instead.

Winter packing tips for the holidays, winter outfit in paris //

Winter packing tips for the holidays, winter outfit in paris //

1. Pack items that can be mixed and matched

Packing for a winter vacation or destination is significantly harder than doing so in the summer because you have to bring more of everything in order to stay warm. Not to mention, winter clothes is bulkier and takes up a ton of space. Throw boots into the mix and you’re really short on what you can pack. To avoid paying hefty luggage fees, make sure that everything you pack can be mixed and match. I typically like to go with neutral bases such as black, camel, or cream so that I can build an outfit around these pieces. Also, as you’re packing, ask yourself how often you’ll be able to wear an item. If you can’t think of multiple ways to wear it, scrap it.


2. Wear the bulkiest items

I also recommend wearing the bulkiest items and carrying your cold weather accessories on the plane. This will save you a ton of space in your luggage. Items such as a heavy parka, winter boots, and scarves should all join you on the flight. That being said, if you can, only pack one heavy coat to get you through a shorter trip. Rely on layers from my first point to keep you stylish and warm.

winter travel style, hartmann rosegold luggage //

3. Bring lightweight fabrics that will keep you warm

Fabric is everything in the winter. Fortunately, there are tons of lightweight options that are also extremely warming. Materials such as cashmere, wool, silk, and flannel are the way to go. Don’t underestimate the power of fleece lined pieces such as tights and leggings – they’re excellent for wearing underneath dresses, skirts, and even jeans.

4. Consider the right accessories

Polarized Sunglasses – Don’t underestimate the power of the sun in the winter. If you’re off to somewhere snowy, the bright light that bounces off white surfaces can be harsh on your eyes, making it hard to see or drive. Sunglasses will ensure you’re protected from the brutal winter sun.

Hat – My requirements for a good hat are ones that can cover your ears -and is constructed of thin materials. While packing a fedora or a floppy option can seem tempting, they usually just take up space. Keep it simple with a ribbed knit beanie – or add a pom pom one if you must. It’ll help you get through airport sprints and short walks on a cold morning or evening.

Gloves – Make sure you get a pair of  warm gloves that are lightweight and allow full range of motion. That means no mittens. I prefer tech friendly options that still allow me to use my phone and ones that offer some grip.

How to add color to your winter wardrobe - Monochromatic Green Outfit with Green Aviator Sunglasses //

Where are you guys off to for Christmas?

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