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I know, I know it is boiling hot out so why exactly are we discussing outerwear on today’s blog post? Because honestly, I firmly believe we should all have an appropriate blazer for every season and every occasion! Obviously, blazers are fitting for the fall and winter seasons but how do we know which ones have a place in our wardrobes for the summer? Easy. Let me tell you why you need a summer blazer!

Light Fabrics

A great option for a blazer that is fit for the summertime is one that is offered in a lighter fabrication. Heavy outerwear obviously has a time and place but it is certainly not during the hottest season of the year. Look for blazers in fabrics such as linen and cotton. These sort of pieces act as an amazing layering device whether it be for in the office or on the weekend.

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Brights & Neutrals

Another simple way to look for a good summer blazer is narrowing down your search via color. I tend to avoid more heavier looking hues and prints such as deep maroon or tartan because these undoubtedly fit better in autumn. Instead, replace these with brighter hues, pastels or patterns to better match the time period. Of course, there is an exception for your neutrals (think white, cream, tan, black and grey) because these always work year-round.

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Oversized Fit

Instead of focusing on fabric or color, you could also consider opting for an updated silhouette. When you think of your classic blazer, these tend to be more structured and fitted for that prototypical tailored look. In the summer, take a look at blazers in more loose fitting constructions such as a boyfriend fit, longline hems or oversized options. These are ideal for layering over that summer dress or dressing up a more casual outfit.

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As I said before, it is extremely hot out but that does not mean outerwear should be completely abandoned. It is definitely worth getting an option or two that are ideal for the summer season. A blazer is one of the most versatile outerwear pieces you can invest in simply because of the endless outfit options possible. Keep an eye out for blazers featuring the above adjustments so you can rock one this summer.

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