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The Best Props for Blogger Lifestyle Shoots - Lavender Fields in Provence //

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Back in the day, during the start of my blogging career, I can vividly remember how awkward I was when it came to photoshoots. First of all, taking photos in public is a learning curve and I definitely had to overcome that initial awkward feeling. Once I accomplished that, I struggled with posing and found myself repeating the same thing over and over again. Yet, everything gets better with practice.

I continued to shoot more and started to feel much more comfortable and relaxed. My posing became more natural and divers, so I was not repeating the same stance over and over! Through this trial and error stage, I found that using props when possible makes everything look more effortless. These are my go-to choices when it comes to the best props for blogger lifestyle shoots.

Fashion Accessories

The Best Props for Blogger Lifestyle Shoots - Date Night Outfit //

One of the easiest props to pull off is posing with fashion accessories, such as a handbag or sunnies. Chances are, if you are out and about in public, you will already have these things with you! This is an amazing prop to utilize as it seamlessly matches your outfit and is quite natural to hold. Depending on the type of bag, you can play around with what types of posture works. I tend to use a lot of clutches and totes so I can carry it or drape it across my arm.


The Best Props for Blogger Lifestyle Shoots - Belmond Splendido //

The most rewarding of props is anything food related! First of all, I absolutely love to eat and even if I am not shooting, you can usually find me with some sort of snack in hand. They’re great lifestyle props because they easily add another interesting yet natural element to the photograph. Grab some street food, a basket of pastries, or hold a few oranges. If you are hopping from place to place, you can even utilize a whole table spread as a photo opportunity.


The Best Props for Blogger Lifestyle Shoots - Venice Cafe //

This addicting beverage needs a whole category by itself because it is one of the best lifestyle props. Coffee is certainly not a new thing for bloggers as we often see flatlays featuring lattes and whatnot. However, make it more personal by finding new ways to pose with it. Take a sip from the steaming cup and snap a shot or grab a cup to go and shoot a street style action photo. If you’re not into coffee, use an empty mug – the options are endless!


The Best Props for Blogger Lifestyle Shoots - Lavender Fields in Provence //

Whether it be a single stem, petals, or a full bouquet, treating yourself to some flowers for your shoot adds a touch of grace and femininity. Holding some fresh blooms is perfect for when you don’t know what to do with your hands and makes posing more natural. Plus, it is a great way to infuse some color and romanticism into your photo.


The Best Props for Blogger Lifestyle Shoots - Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 25, Olay Moisturizer, Summer Skincare, Yellow Bikini //

One prop that others don’t often think about is makeup! I love using lipsticks and compact mirrors because they add a nice touch of color. Whether you’re using them in a flatlay, mirror shot, or cafe, cosmetic products always photograph well.

What are some of your favorite props?

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