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As much as us influencers tend to fool the public eye, I promise that we are not always dressed up to the nines. I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that we actually love wearing more casual clothing just as much as we love to dress up! This holds especially true on days when I am feeling particularly lazy – hey, it happens to the best of us! However, on these days when I am indeed less energized, I still push myself to try and look cute without sacrificing any comfort. Even if you don’t plan on leaving your home, a little bit of effort goes a long way in terms of feeling good and being more productive! Here are some of my favorite outfits to wear on a lazy day.

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Matching Sweat Suit

When you get hit with a serious case of sluggishness, there is nothing more appealing than staying in your coziest pair of sweats possible. However, rather than mope about in your old, stained t-shirt and your worn-in leggings, why not switch out for a more stylish alternative. Matching sweat suits are my absolute favorite for the laziest of days because they are evidently so comfortable and could actually be quite trendy (thanks, athleisure)! Look for fun details that will get you excited to wear it, such as prints, stripes, embellishments, and pockets.

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Cropped Hoodies

Another variation of the sweatshirts in which I adore for lazy days are cropped hoodies. I get how an oversized, frumpy hoodie from your college days can look a little lackluster. However, an updated cropped version is a really nice way to elevate your hoodie look. You could pair it with some matching sweatpants, or swap those out for jeans or joggers to complete your casual look.

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Cute Graphic Tees

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I am an absolute sucker for cute graphic t-shirts with unique prints or typography. Obviously, t-shirts are not groundbreaking in terms of casual clothing, but when you add fun twists like a shirt featuring your favorite band or an inspirational quote, it will get you more excited to wear it. It might even provide that extra pep in your step that can aid in helping you get out of that unproductive funk.

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Chunky Sweaters

Although it may be the middle of summer right now, I pull out a good, chunky sweater multiple times no matter what time of the year. Let’s face it, I’ll more than likely have my AC on pretty low so it can be chilly if you are spending the day indoors. Chunky sweaters are great for throwing on for

optimal comfort and coziness when the only think on your agenda is to relax!

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Fancy PJs

Lastly, if you are inclined to have a full day of rest and relaxation, why not do it up big?! We all deserve a mental health day every once in awhile to do things like catch up on Netflix. Every gal needs a pair of pajamas that make her feel fancy and as if she is being pampered. Whether this be a silky slip dress or a satin top and bottom, I highly recommend treating yourself to a pair of fancy PJs to fully enhance your day of laziness.

What do you like to wear on your lazy days?

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