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fashion blogger jessica wang at apple orchard sharing packing tips for a mini fall getaway // Jessica Wang -

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Does anyone get so excited to finally see the leaves change colors? I spotted some near my house that are just beginning to turn orange and red and it made me overjoyed to think it is now officially fall! As I mentioned in a previous blog post, there are some really fun, festive activities you could do as a family to celebrate the season while still maintaining the social distancing guidelines – one of them being a staycation in a nearby cabin. Packing for a mini fall getaway requires a little more planning and I think there are a few key must-haves that are going to add value to your trip! Whether you are going to a cabin, lodge or other autumnal trip, here are the things I always make sure to pack for a mini fall getaway!

fashion blogger jessica wang wearing cozy layers and sharing packing tips for a mini fall getaway // Jessica Wang -

Cozy Layers

When it comes to going on a trip in colder temperatures, I always think it is better to be safe than sorry. Chances are it could be really warm and sunny during the day but the temperatures can drop significantly as soon as the sun goes down. Upon packing for a fall getaway, I always like to ensure I have multiple layers I can shrug on and off at different parts of the day. Thermal shirts or turtlenecks are great for acting as a base of your outfits. While, chunkier sweaters, shackets and cardigans are perfect for adding on top depending on how chilly you are!

fashion blogger jessica wang on a skiing trip while sharing packing tips for a mini fall getaway // Jessica Wang -

Functional Jacket

If you are incorporating some activity in the great outdoors during your autumn staycation, you are also going to want to bring an additional layer to wear outside. A functional and practical coat to throw on before you head out the door is essential for staying warm and safe. A puffer jacket or anorak is always a good idea so you can rest easy knowing you are prepared for any last minute harsh weather.

fashion blogger jessica wang wearing lug sole boots and sharing packing tips for a mini fall getaway // Jessica Wang -

Warm Boots

The same goes for footwear! You know I am the type of girl who will always rock the heels, no matter what the occasion but sometimes you just got to know when to swap them out for something more ideal. If you want to go hiking, or even just a walk outdoors, it is always good to bring a sturdy pair of boots with you. There are actually a lot of cute hiking and athletic footwear out there, but if you still want to stay trendy – lug soles and combat boots are a trendier option if you deem them comfortable enough!

fashion blogger jessica wang wearing a chunky scarf and plaid coat while  sharing packing tips for a mini fall getaway // Jessica Wang -

Scarf & Beanie

When it comes to staying warm, one of the first things you want to do is ensure your head stays insulted. For those colder nights, it would behoove you to pack some winter accessories. A large blanket or cashmere scarf is great for keeping your upper body warm and toasty. You could also pack a knit beanie to throw on which is key to staying warm on your outdoor adventures!

fashion blogger jessica wang on a mini fall getaway trip // Jessica Wang -

Carryall, Backpack or Tote

If you are out and about on your staycation and you find yourself warming up as the hours pack, you could always stuff them into a backpack or tote until needed again. A cute satchel is great for storing your additional layers, winter accessories, as well as providing space for your other daily necessities (camera, phone, etc). It also gives you more ample space to pack things such as water or snacks.

fashion blogger jessica wang wearing windbreakers and sharing packing tips for a mini fall getaway // Jessica Wang -

Sweatpants, Tights, & Joggers

Lastly, I feel like a mini fall getaway is always about being as cozy as possible, which naturally means the clothing you pack is of utmost importance. If you are staying at a cabin, what better way to wind down the day than pulling on your comfiest sweatpants and relaxing with a glass of wine by the fire. Nowadays, some comfy sweatpants or joggers can easily be dressed up or down.

Do you guys have a mini fall getaway coming up? I’d love to know where you’re headed.

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