Ultimate Packing Guide For A Tropical Getaway: Essentials

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Carry-On Packing Essentials - Ultimate Packing Guide For A Tropical Getaway: Essentials |

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Before we hit the beach and soak up the sun, we have to pack. This packing guide is so detailed that I’ve actually made it into two parts. So stay tuned for how to plan your outfits! Vacationing is about maximizing chill time. It’s about getting away from the routine and saying hello to pleasure, paradise, and prancing around the globe. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Traveling is an art. A serious art and if you don’t pack correctly, you could cause yourself unnecessary stress.

Let’s consider a few must-have items for your carry-on luggage that will make your vacation seamless. You will have amazing Insta-stories while keeping up with the latest trends. You’ll look like a fine tuned fashionista without all the wasted time and effort –and all that energy can go into doing whatever it is your heart desires on your getaway.

Don’t forget, the traveling diva isn’t only about the clothing she packs, but also accessories, toiletries, electronics, and documents. You have to be savvy and still look good doing it. This packing guide will get you there.Let’s review some things first.

Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories

Do not minimize the importance of being comfortable on an island vacation.  What does that mean?  It means that during the day you’ll want to wear the best outfit to suit the occasion.  Sundresses for a picnic, tank tops and shorts for the beach.  A stroll around the town, either will do just fine. Keep in mind that your daytime shoes should not tax your toes in any way, shape, or form otherwise, you’re asking for trouble later on in the form of blisters.

Consider the fact that you might also have a fancy dinner date, too. That means a maxi dress and dress sandals or wedges; maybe a light jacket, depending on the weather, of course. Each day might feel a little different and that means your wardrobe should follow suit. For off the shoulder or strapless looks, don’t forget a strapless bra.

Pay attention to your accessories. It’s not so much about jewelry here, but rather about pieces that optimize your tropical vacation. This means shades and straw hats, it also means whatever beach supplies you normally use; Oh, and don’t forget your swimsuit (read up on my swimsuit guide here) and coverups.


Speaking of beach supplies, don’t skimp on the sunblock.  This is a great skincare step that should be included in all daily routines.  Sunblock battles rays that cause wrinkles, age spots, and dryness.  Go for non-greasy sunscreens that have high SPF protective power.  See my post about skincare routines by skin type to know which sunscreen is your ideal.  

Some of the more vital toiletries will be things you can’t replace. That would be contact lenses and/or glasses, vitamins or medicine, or some of your can’t-live-without beauty products or skincare items.  Of course, things like deodorant and toothpaste are essential, but should you forget one or more of those items, you can buy them upon arrival.  No big loss and no big deal.  Be sure to have travel sizes of whatever liquid or gel product you’re taking or the airport security might have to confiscate it.

Here are some of my favorite toiletries for a tropical getaway:  mini perfume spray, oil-absorbing sheets, and lip balm with sunscreen.


We’re addicted, let’s admit it. We need our electronics to get through the day. And if you work from home or online, like I do, you understand the importance of electronics straight away. Chargers and cables are so important and you must pay close attention that you’ve packed them properly. Replacing them while abroad can be tricky and even costly, so make this a priority on your checklist. And of course, no tropical vacation would be complete without some sizzling shots of your excursion. If you have a battery pack or charger kit, don’t leave it behind. You’ll be sorry, trust me.


Maybe a boring part of this packing guide, but a part that we cannot neglect. Plane tickets, reservations documents, ID/passport, emergency numbers, credit/debit cards, and tourist package receipts are all so important that you should have a folder for all of them.  Keep all your documents together, that way you don’t scramble and panic when you can’t find one piece. There are plenty of very attractive binders that can keep all your documents safe. And never leave the folder or binder out of your sight; if you have a safe at the hotel, you might consider locking it up.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Often Forgotten

Remember, you’re headed to a tropical destination which means hot weather and gorgeous beaches, but that also means insects and lots of them! Do not forget insect repellent wipes/bracelet and/or insect bite relief stick. And for sunburn relief aloe, although one of the best things about the island life is that aloe will everywhere and you can buy it from a local vendor.  

Some easy items to slip into your suitcase that will help you get ready are the hand-held steamer, instant stain remover liquid pen, and mini lint roller. You want to keep your outfits fresh and clean.  

If you going to a European island, you will need an adapter.  The best one is the universal adapter for one use –it will work for any country because it has interchangeable parts and pieces that make your life simple.  This way you don’t have to worry about whether you bought the right one because all of the world’s adapters are conveniently packaged into one. What a breeze!

I hope that this packing guide will come in handy when you’re about to jet off to your next tropical getaway. Stay tuned for an outfit planning packing guide that will surely save some of your last minute packers some time!



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