Summer Trend Spotting: Seeing Polka-Dots

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Polka-dots are one of those trends that are reminiscent of childhood. Think back to some of your outfits when you were younger and most likely they involve polka-dots. Bringing the trend into modern day, you want to hold on to that playfulness of yours without being overly childlike. Your update must be sophisticated. I think that polka-dots are a summer trend that’s here to stay and they can be spotted on everything from rompers to swimwear.


Injecting some much-needed fun into any summer wardrobe could be as simple as adding a romper to the mix. If you compound this with polka-dots properly, you can up the ante. I like to go for rompers that feature some sort of cut out detail or off the shoulder ruffles to balance things out. It adds just the right amount of sexiness to this all-in-one.  


Another great polka-dot piece would be blouses. They look great especially in sheer fabrics because of the contrast it provides. A sure-fire way to keep the trend from looking too junior is to choose a blouse in a sheer fabric like chiffon or silk. This is also good if you’re going for an all over large polka-dot print so that you can keep things light, airy, and perfect for summer.  


It’s summer and to embrace the polka-dot trend fully, you must add some color. That’s why the classic black and white pattern is a classic, however, I think it’s time for a change. Dresses are an easy way to do this because there’s a larger selection of bright colors available. Some of my fave polka-dots come in red or navy.


For wearing polka-dots in the skirt department, I would advise going for a skirt with a smaller print so it doesn’t overwhelm you or skater and pleated styles for a more casual vibe. Again, the pencil silhouette adds some chicness to the trend while shorter styles keep it lowkey. Keep things simple on top with a white blouse or tee.


One of the cutest ways to wear polka-dots is on a swimsuit. I would even go as far as saying that, some of the nicest polka-dot looks are featured in beachwear. Whether it’s a bikini or a one-piece, the trend is so beautifully retro and even more so if your bikini bottoms are high waisted.

Clearly, there is no shortage of polka-dots this summer! Spread out all over or spattered on shirts, skirts, and swimwear – these dots are here to stay. Part of the attraction is nostalgia, but don’t get caught up in outdated versions of the trend. It’s summer 17 and you deserve an upgrade!


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